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Uh… missing out suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

If this isn’t the last post about Jason Grilli in the history of this site, I will be shocked, but I think this tweet from Bob Nightengale of USA Today requires a full-on look, rather than just burying it as an update in the post below…

So, it’s hardly a shit-tonne of money that the Jays have still remaining to spend, but apparently there is some.

Though the other side of this is that maybe it’s a sign they don’t think Darren Oliver’s $3-million will be on the payroll next season– especially since, even though he’s a right-hander, Grilli had reverse splits last season, holding lefties to a wOBA of just .217. Then again, Grilli had never been a reverse split guy before in his career, so I’m not sure the club would have banked on it continuing, if that really was the plan.


I dunno. Judging by the photo, Grilli has some obvious, heavy problems. I mean, who in their right mind could share a laugh with the tool from Train. Though I suppose we can’t be 100% from this angle that he’s not grinding his teeth into dust, so… maybe there’s hope.

Remember Jason Grilli? Remember there was a time late last week when we gave a shit where this 36-year-old right-handed reliever (albeit, one coming off a pair of fantastic seasons) actually ended up?

Yeah, about that…

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