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Chicago White Sox v Washington Nationals

It was speculated for much of the off-season that, back before they found a dance partner in Jeffrey Loria, the Toronto Blue Jays had been interested in acquiring Jake Peavy of the Chicago White Sox. The right-hander had a $22-million club option for this season, and for much of the late season, and October, it seemed as though the White Sox weren’t going to exercise it. They were rumoured to be more interested in dealing him in much the same fashion that the Angels did with Ervin Santana, who was sent to the Royals, and attempted to do with Dan Haren.

There wasn’t much written about the possibility around here– I found myself zeroing in more on the cheaper Haren as a possibility– but it was certainly a thing on Twitter and in the comments. That is, until Peavy re-worked and extended his contract with the Sox not long after Rick Hahn officially took over as GM from the promoted Kenny Williams, at which point there wasn’t a whole lot of reason for us to keep thinking about the well-paid ex-Padre.

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Get it before the video gets taken down: here, after the jump, we have “Sweet” Lou Piniella offering his analysis of this winter’s Jays-Marlins deal during the Yankees-Red Sox Grapefruit League game this afternoon, and… as far as inappropriate comparisons go… um… it’s a bit on the rape-y side.

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Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox

Take this supposed quote from a supposed friend of a Twitterer who had supposedly spoke briefly with Paul Beeston for what little it’s worth (then double it because of that avatar), but yesterday this floated my way across the interwebs…

I’ve actually spoken to a player agent (no, really!) who said he figured that was essentially the Jays’ plan before the Miami deal came around, too– though I have no idea if that was entirely his speculation or if there was a kernel of inside information in what he was saying.

Regardless, to think about what could– or, in this winter’s case, may not– have been is already rather warped. Weirdly, while it may not have entirely sunk in for us yet that we’ll be watching R.A. goddamn Dickey work his magic every fifth day, it feels to me like we’ve already been so over the moon with the Jays for so long that contemplating these other possibilities kinda makes the brain hurt– especially when we start thinking of what may have been the real alternatives.

Which isn’t to say that I think anybody ought to believe the suggestions being made in the tweets above, or that the information made it from “Beeston’s” mouth to our screens without some twists along the way. I mean, it’s a bit silly to think that the Jays could have had such tunnel vision, locking their sights in so tightly on one specific pitcher. Yet it makes a little bit of sense when you think about the timeline, which, as far as I can see, points directly at the White Sox’ Jake Peavy.

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Because why not?

Here’s where I’ll post whatever thoughts occur to me as the Jays introduce one of the key pieces of The Trade is introduce to the local media, which you can watch on right here.

And, y’know, you can talk about it amongst yourselves in the comments, too, I suppose.

Here we go…

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If some team was going to come along and broker a deal with the Marlins that would break the spirit of young Giancarlo Stanton, I can’t say I’m not glad it was us, but I wish no ill on the poor remaining Marlins star, Giancarlo Stanton, who… uh… doesn’t quite seem to be coping well:


I mean, awesome! But… aww.

And while  this may seem like an awfully good time to go fishing to get him out of Miami– and hey, he already knows a bunch of guys on the Jays, right? Would fit right in!– according to a follow-up tweet from Heyman, Stanton apparently hasn’t requested a trade.

I’d still offer Miami my whole farm system for him, just to be safe.

And while I try to not be one for laughing at the misery of others, and I really do feel for the fans in Miami, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t still feel a little bit terrific how Alex Anthopoulos somehow managed to scoop up so many of the good bits of that club just as it was being blown to smithereens. I dunno…

So… there’s that.

It’s not that he sounds particularly slick or, y’know, full of shit, but Matt Sosnick sure sounds like an agent. Smart, self-assured, open, and willing to just keep on talking, Sosnick seems to me like a pretty terrific radio guest, but when he was last on Toronto radio– in the immediate wake of The Trade– he unintentionally made some waves, after some observers *COUGH* Gregg Zaun *COUGH* tried to read way too deeply into a comment he made about Alex Anthopoulos possibly flipping some of the pieces he’d acquired from the Miami Marlins.

Specifically, he said this:

“I feel like there has to be another piece to this trade. I’ve got to imagine that the players that Alex acquired have to be in play– it’s a lot of money he took on in salary in one shot. And there are so many teams that are interested in Josh Johnson that if the Yankees or Texas or some of these teams looking for a frontline starter wanted to give up a tonne, it would seem like it would be against the way that Alex normally does business to not listen and make a trade if he could acquire a bunch of top prospects for one of the players in this deal.”

When I posted this at the time, I added that “importantly, it should be noted that, despite this flourish of analysis from Sosnick– and that’s really how it came off to my ears, not as any kind of angling– his client isn’t hoping like hell to get moved again, or anything. In fact, he’s happy with what happened.”

Unfortunately (read: unsurprisingly) that wasn’t enough to stop the notion that Johnson might be edging his way out of town, and despite the pitcher saying he’s excited to be here in multiple interviews since, Sosnick still went to the trouble of clarifying during his appearances on Prime Time Sports this evening.

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Mark Buehrle and Josh Johnson each spoke on conference calls with the media today, and… there was nothing terribly earth-shattering to come out of it– so much so that I wasn’t going to bring myself to write a whole post on it, until I tried stuffing a bunch of notes into a link dump and deciding that I could probably hack together what I’ve got into… something.

Mike Cormack of Sportsnet (@MikeCormack) has as comprehensive a group of tweets from the calls as you’ll find, so I’d suggest checking his feed out now, if you want a preview of the transcripts– and audio highlights, he says– that will likely come later.

Until then, here’s what’s worth knowing:

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