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Listen, we all know that sitting and waiting for a baseball trade to be processed in the middle of November is about as stressful as things can possibly be, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to minimize the insanity and maximize your experience of such an exciting time. As an expert in creative ways to waste time and hide mental instability, I have compiled a pretty comprehensive DO and DON’T list to get us all through this trying time. Read the rest of this entry »

Though only two days old, already there has been a tidal wave of reaction to The Trade, as it’s reach goes far beyond the two markets involved in the deal, and far beyond just the world of sports– it has been a lead story around here this week, not just in sports but in news. For me there remain thousands and thousands of words still to sift through on the subject, and it feels as though I’m endlessly falling beind on them, as my focus has been more on the day-to-day movements in the wake of the deal, and less on what’s being pontificated elsewhere.

One story that immediately caught my attention, however, as I’ve begun the process of reading and filing the ever-growing items in my RSS feed for a major trade reaction piece, comes not from one of the usual suspects, but from the business pages of the Globe and Mail, as Paul Waldie and Grant Robertson go deep into the economic side of the deal, managing to lay this nugget on us in the process:

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Not that it will have much of an effect, I’m sure, but Shi Davidi tells everyone not to panic over the fact that The Trade has yet to be finalized… um… quite literally:

So… we’re still playing the waiting game. And, occasionally, the hoax press conference game– CANADA’S SPORTS LEADER!– but as cannot be stated enough, the trade appears to have come about very quickly, and there’s a lot of medical work and paperwork needed before anything can be moved on to Bud Selig’s office for approval.

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The particulars of The Trade have are begun to filter into the Commissioner’s Office, or at least through Bud Selig’s ear hair and into the mush beyond, and Jays fans are starting to get a little anxious– perhaps understandably, due to the too good to be true nature of the deal– with dark thoughts of MLB vetoing the deal and everything returning to how it used to be.

This inclination is not being helped by the posture taken by the Commissioner– he’s reportedly unhappy and, according to a tweet from USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, “feels for the Marlins fans and will take everything into consideration before making a decision.”

Sounds troubling, right?

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“The Trade” Gets NMA’d

The Trade may not be officially official just yet, but I’m feeling confident we’re past the point of no return now, because how in the hell could they take it back now, after Taiwan’s Next Media Animation has worked their magic all over Jeffrey Loria’s face?

They can’t! That’s what I say.

Yeah, Scott already had this over at Getting Blanked, but on the off-chance that you didn’t see it, here it is again.

Rather than the lengthy podcast we blasted at you earlier today, here’s some trade reaction that I think you’ll find a little more succinct. Yeah, it’s just more of the same, but it has our faces in it, so you should probably take a look…

It’s been a pretty crazy week for the Blue Jays, their fan base and ownership. The Jays made arguably the biggest trade in franchise history on Tuesday afternoon, just one day after Rogers Media president Keith Pelley stated the following at a PrimeTime Sports & Entertainment conference panel discussion

“fundamentally what has changed in last 3-4 years and will continue to change how we operate as broadcasters and how we operate as team owners is social media… social media can make something fashionable or not. As well as winning.”

Did Pelley’s comments serve as a hint that big things were on the horizon? That perhaps the Jays were poised to take over the AL East not only in the standings but in terms of total followers and retweets? Are they planning to out-spend AND out-trend the Red Sox, Yankees, Rays, and Orioles? Did they acquire these Marlins just for the HBO cred and hashtagabilitiy?

Stoeten, Drew and a slew of other baseball writers with knowledge and insight may have the answers for on-field performance questions but I’m here to help you understand how to connect to the new guys, what to expect from the media, and how to react when they finally debut in Toronto.

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