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Still weird.

At 3:35 PM ET, the Jays send R.A. Dickey to the hill in Oakland to take on Bartolo Colon and the A’s in a battle of 78 combined years of pitching guile. Also: hugs. Which I bring up, of course, because at 4:00 PM ET, while the Jays and A’s are on the field, the trade deadline will pass– and no matter what Shi Davidi says, I still believe there’s a chance we’re in for some dugout hugs. It’s all about posturing, right? Right??? Something’s totally going to happen, right? Right???

Keep refreshing for updates and/or the sound of crickets! After the jump!

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Well that’s… what it is.

Uh… the title of this post, I mean, which comes from here:

Could it be merely a little bit of posturing from the front office, given the game of chicken supposedly being played at the moment between buyers and sellers over the prices on the relief market? I wouldn’t count it out. But I wouldn’t count out it being genuine… which would seem pretty pointless.

The main bullpen pieces are under control for next year, and even Adam Lind and Emilio Bonifacio can be kept beyond this year, so I wouldn’t cry if the club simply didn’t see the value in moving any of those guys. But is there honestly any reason why Darren Oliver and Rajai Davis, both free agents to-be, should be on this team come tomorrow? At the very least? Like… I understand the idea of holding to your values and not just helping a contender for the sake of it and taking back shit for the sake of it. But on the other hand… come on!

In the end though, whatever, I guess. You think it’s going to stop me from posting the Game And Trade Deadline Live Blog Threat post that I’ve got going in another tab? Fat chance!

kendrick’s San Diego reporter Corey Brock [note: tough gig] tweets that the Diamondbacks and Padres have consummated a deal that will send starter Ian Kennedy, who was coveted by the Angels, to San Diego in exchange for setup man Joe Thatcher, minor league reliever Matt Stites, and a draft pick [note: !?!!?] in compensation round B (i.e. the kind of draft picks that can be traded).

He really made this whole thing, which I rushed to crank out when the trade’s details were still emerging, pretty fucking useless, eh?

I still think Kendrick is a good idea, though. (Also: fuck it, here’s my spitballin’ anyway.)

. . .

Howie Kendrick of the Angels, we can all agree, would be a big upgrade on the detritus that has manned second base for the Jays for most of this year (with apologies to Maicer Izturis, who has had a pretty good last six weeks at the plate).

He’s also available, under contract for two years after this, and the Jays, according to Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet, the Jays are interested.

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The Knobler again with his finger on the pulse, as he tweets the following about the Jays and the Tigers, which you totally already know if you’ve read the title of this post:

He notes that Tigers manager Jim Leyland helped get Brett Cecil onto the All-Star team (after which he’s been terrific, huh?), and Steve Delabar into the Final Vote, so maybe there’s some interest there that will provoke Jays fans into, once again, dreaming too high on the possible prospects coming back.

I mean… Nick Castallanos? For a reliever? Really? Even in a world where Zack Wheeler can be dealt for two months of Carlos Beltran, I just can’t accept that anyone believes this a realistic possibility.

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I… I can’t even. (Related: I think I might have ruined the season, guys. My bad.)

Time is of the essence as the trade deadline draws nearer, but Texas GM Jon Daniels evidently doesn’t value his a whole hell of a lot right now. Danny Knobler of CBS Sports pointlessly points out that the Rangers are pointlessly interested in Jose Bautista and/or Edwin Encarnacion, who the Jays have too much invested in– emotionally, psychically and through the marketing department, I mean– to contemplate moving.

To wit:

Joel Sherman, whose Jays source tells him things are quiet right now– as many teams are, which he doesn’t believe to be posturing– also believes that the Jays aren’t moving their crucial middle-of-the-order bats.

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Nick Cafardo, sports

In his most recent mail bag for the Toronto Star– in a passage I came about via MLBTR, not because I was reading any of his answers– Richard Griffin wrote about Alex Anthopoulos and 2013, explaining that the judgement of this season “being a total failure can only be made if he starts a firesale at the deadline and continues in the off-season to quickly turn some of his off-season acquisitions into prospects. He would invariably receive less in return than what he surrendered to get them and that would turn this into a massive failure.”

That, to me, seems pretty screamingly fucking obvious– especially when you add in the fact that the 2014 Jays already have Bautista, Encarnacion, Reyes, Cabrera, Lawrie, Lind, Rasmus, Arencibia, Bonifacio, Izturis, Dickey, Buehrle, Morrow, Happ, Janssen, and everyone in the bullpen, save Darren Oliver, under contract. And, y’know, because other potential 2014 contributors in the system include Anthony Gose, Marcus Stroman, Drew Hutchison, Kyle Drabek, Ricky Romero, Sean Nolin, A.J. Jimenez, and perhaps eventually even Aaron Sanchez.

They don’t have a tonne of payroll flexibility, but they have a very strong core of players– currently playing at a 89-game pace for over a month, since May 5th, despite hardly having Morrow, Happ, and Johnson, over that stretch, with Reyes having been out for the entirety of it, and R.A. Dickey only having started to turn it around in his last two starts– and plenty of moving parts that will allow Anthopoulos to tinker.

Pretty simple, right?

Not according to Nick Cafardo, who once again is stoking the fires of dumbfuckery in the pages of the Boston Globe, and seemingly using the Jays’ notorious tight-lippedness to do so.

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Around the blogosphere and in the comments here there has been some consternation of late, now that he’s healthy, about why Travis Snider can’t seem to shove Rajai Davis aside and reclaim the left field job that many hoped would have been his from the start of the season.

“If he keeps doing what he’s doing, he’ll find his way back,” said Alex Anthopoulos over the weekend, according to the Toronto Sun, “but right now Raj hasn’t done anything to lose that job.”

Now, it certainly wouldn’t hurt for Snider to be back at Vegas for more than, say, a week before he gets thrown into the fire– especially when Anthopoulos told the Sun that, when he comes up, he wants Snider to play every day, not to mention that the GM has insisted before that when he’s up, he wants it to be for good… not that he has a whole lot of choice, as Snider will head into 2013 out of options.

Still, I think you can at least make the argument that Snider’s time ought to be now, and yet… there’s Rajai Davis being run out there every night– and playing pretty well, to boot. In fact, I recall, after Vlad Guerrero was allowed to walk, pointing out to a sour fan who was ready for big Vladdy to ride in on his white horse and save the season, that Davis– with his .340 wOBA and 114 wRC+ this season– has been considerably better than Vlad was last year with the Orioles– .314 and 95– and he can field a position too.

The surprise burst of value from Davis– he was worth 3.8 wins, per FanGraphs, in 2009, posting a .354 wOBA, so it’s not entirely out of nowhere– led me to speculate in yesterday’s Afternoon Snack that Davis is very possibly keeping his starting position in left only in order to showcase him as the trade deadline approaches.

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