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The DJF Podcast may be on temporary hiatus (there will be podcasts again, I assure you), but that doesn’t mean you there aren’t other ways to get an hour of me mumble-fucking around about the Jays shot straight into your ear holes. Like, for example, this week’s edition of the Your Van C’s Podcast!

Your Van C’s is, of course, ostensibly a site about the Vancouver Canadians, and all things to do with the Jays minor leagues, but naturally the big club is a major topic too, and that’s what I chatted about with Greg Balloch (aka @GregBallochST) and Charlie Caskey (aka @CharlieCaskey), … y’know, just as soon as we figured out that I had somehow given them my phone number as being in the 416 area code, when it’s actually a 647. Still not sure how exactly I managed that.

Anyway, give them a follow, give their latest piece, which previews the Jays contingent in the Arizona Fall League, a read, and then have a listen to some radio magic.

My segment starts at about the 17:30 mark, if you want to be a dick about it…

Oh, hello. Apologize for the inactivity over the last day or so, but I got just a little bit robbed the other night and am currently a touch low on computers on which to… y’know… work. Things will be back to normal soon, though, so don’t fret.

In the meantime, I want to thank everybody who came out to last night’s Pitch Talks event, which may entirely have been my favourite yet — and not just for the continued spread of the term “garbage clown.” From Shi Davidi outlining J.P. Ricciardi’s terrible drafts as the reason the Jays seem perpetually thin in terms of depth, to Sid Seixeiro lamenting that the one-shot, payroll-increasing, can’t-say-no Marlins trade came around at the wrong moment for this organization and its GM, to Jeremy Taggart slaying the crowd and hilariously telling of his tryout with the Atlanta Braves (!), to Stacey May Fowles, Jenn Smith, and Erin Valois debating the merits of baseball’s replay challenge system, it was a night full of great baseball talk, and… y’know… beer (from the outstanding Left Field Brewery). And it was great putting faces to names and meeting people I’d only known through the internet, like David Shemie and Slappy Shalom — but not RADAR, even though he was apparently there!!

I’d add everyone’s Twitter handle to all that, but I’m writing this on my phone and… well… do you have any idea what a pain in the ass that would be?

What I will add, however, is what the title of this post refers to: my spot yesterday morning on TSN Radio 1050 here in Toronto.

Have a listen!

While the rest of this corner of the world was still sleeping in after a night of celebrating the magnificent achievements of John Graves Simcoe — y’know, preusmably — I was hitting the airwaves on @MackoAndCauz on TSN 1050 here in Toronto, with guest hosts Dave McCarthy and Josh Lewenberg, talking Jays after a disappointing weekend series with the Astros.

The segment — which aired at 10:00 AM (a time that I was informed does, in fact, exist) — occurred before we learned that Brett Lawrie would be in the lineup for tonight’s game against the Orioles, with Steve Tolleson (finally) hitting the paternity list as the corresponding move.

Have a listen!

It was before yesterday’s outstanding performance from Marcus Stroman and the Jays — and before today’s big trade of Deck McGuire to the A’s for cash (and Brad Mills’ clearing waivers and being sent to Buffalo) — but I think there’s still probably reason to pass along my appearance with Macko And Cauz (aka @MackoAndCauz) on TSN Radio 1050 here in Toronto.

So… uh… here it is.



Yes, we’re going to do a proper DJF podcast today. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to provide more candy for your ear holes, as yesterday I had a lengthy chat about the Jays and the beginning of the season with some fine maritimers for the second edition of their East Coast Bias podcast. Notwithstanding the fact that they invited Drew on their show before me *COUGH* you should probably totally follow them by way @TheBigsNL — Terry David Mulligan does!


Have a listen…


The long, interminable winter is over and the season has begun, meaning — in addition to other, far more important things — that people have started asking me to come talk about baseball and stuff on their podcasts and/or radio shows! I already linked you to one such instance earlier today – attached to the outstanding every-Jays-conversation-you’ve-ever-had video from the folks behind Just Passing Through — wherein I spoke with Michael Newton (aka @michaelknewton) on a very special baseball-themed edition of his excellent all vinyl and alcohol podcast, Two Turntables And A Bottle Of Wine.

And now we have another, as this afternoon I was fortunate enough to join our old friend the Zubes (aka @the_zubes) — along with Jake Goldsbie (aka @JGoldsbie), a special appearance from Devang Desai (@DesaiDevang), and Ryan Eligh (@RyanEligh) on the ones and twos — for an episode of Sportsfeld, the sports podcast about nothing!

Follow Sportsfeld on PodBean, curse the name Justin Bourne, and have a listen to it too. I think we might have kind of nailed this one, and fans of the DJF Podcast ought to dig it.

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Two-for one media bonus time, here, because I can’t be arsed to make two separate posts!

First up — after the jump — we’ve got some funny stuff from the folks behind the great web series Just Passing Through, as they pretty much hit the nail on the head in laying out all the hopes and concerns that surround this year’s edition of the Blue Jays. Give it a watch, and give them a follow at @jpt2013.

Then! When you’ve got some time on your hands, are find yourself champing at the bit for the home opener to just get here already, and are ready to sit down for some good baseball-related tunes, and a chat with yours truly in between, check out a very special baseball-themed edition of the great, local, all-vinyl-and-alcohol podcast, Two Turntables And A Bottle Of Wine. Give them a follow, too, at @ttbwpodcast, and have a listen below!

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