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The nice thing for us to do around here, probably, would be to leave unsigned 2011 Jays first-rounder, Tyler Beede, alone to focus on his studies, pitching for Vanderbilt, and getting set to re-enter the draft in 2014.

And you know what? I think we can do exactly that.

Hip hop artiste Young Beedah, however? I’d say raggin’ on that guy is entirely in-bounds, as long as he keeps on rappin’– as the kids say– about what a great decision it is to turn down millions of dollars to go to school *WINK*.

It’s somewhat catchy, at least, if that’s your thing…

Crotch grab in the direction of @tercet86.

Keith Law chatted with readers today at, and since I’ve hardly posted anything today (having the excellent excuse of doing a run-through for the Getting Blanked video show we’ll be embarking on daily at the start of the season), let’s take a look at the Jays-related tidbits– of which there ended up being several:

Ian (Toronto)
Hey Keith. The Jays missed out on signing Tyler Beede, much to the disappointment of fans. Now that time has passed and we have more data on Beede, do you think this is a miss the Jays will come to regret?
No. And they didn’t miss out. The two sides couldn’t agree on how healthy he was, so the discussion fell apart. He has not looked good so far this year, according to a half-dozen scouts I’ve talked to who’ve seen him.

Ron (Toronto)
It seems like for the next two years, there will be an endless Joey Votto-Blue Jays discussion in Toronto. Given the Jays likely timeline and team needs, is Votto the player you would suggest they go “all-in” on, whether it’s in free agency, a trade, or a trade and extension?
Great player, but I don’t get the whole “sign every Canadian you can” concept. How about just signing the best players?

Jon Cook (“Work”)
Do you think at any point in your lifetime you will share with your readers what it was like to work with JP Ricciardi. In addition to that do you think you’d ever provide the details on what really happened between JP and Orlando Hudson. O Dog didn’t have nice things to say after, but didn’t elaborate.
Nothing happened. Hudson was 0-for-the-spring, wasn’t playing well at second base, and needed to go to the minors, so we optioned him. Complete non-story blown up by the media.

Jonathan (Tampa, FL)
How high do you see Virant going in this draft? Seems like the kind of projection guy the Blue Jays would pounce on at #22, no?
First round. Do they really have a track record of taking projection guys? They took Beede, the opposite of a projection guy, last year.

Daniel (Charlotte)
What is the single greatest 1 game performance you have scouted?
Can I count two from Toronto? Delgado’s four-homer game, or Halladay’s 99-pitch 10-inning CG against that awful Tigers team in 2003. Took a no-hitter into the 8th when Kevin Witt broke it up. I don’t buy into the whole “inevitability” thing, but those were two instances were I felt from early in the game that I was watching something different.