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They’re ballplayers, it’s an off-day, so let’s not make more of this than what we need to — plus, the Jays would have landed in Minneapolis last night, so they’re on Central time, too — but this is some pretty funny stuff from the Jose Reyes’s Instagram. What could possibly have been going on?? I’m sure any flu-like symptoms will be cleared up before the Jays take on the Twins on Tuesday night.

Reyes, who has left the team for Florida, and will  explains:

Buenos Dias my people yo sabia que me extrañaban pero y que fue se fueron en sentimiento XX XX XX XX XX XX XX UNO no Es guachiman XX XX @encadwin @ellembo @joeybats19 tienen que paral

Google translate warps it pretty good, but you get the idea… mostly:

Good Morning my people I knew but they missed me and was feeling left in XX XX XX XX XX XX XX Is not ONE watchman XX XX ellembo @ @ @ encadwin joeybats19 have to stud

Er… like I say, mostly. For those wondering, El Lembo is Moises Sierra. And each double-X is a smiley face (WordPress is dumb sometimes).

So… yeah. At least a little funny, right?


Crotch grab in the direction of @JordyRamone for the heads up.

No you’re being lazy again!

Talk amongst yourselves…

I’m currently in Dunedin, but just quickly, as I’m on the road again today. I’ll check in later with some early impressions after yesterday’s spring opener, but for now, this is all you get!


Yep, this is it. Happy Friday!


I used an exclamation point here, but there’s really nothing particularly exciting about this story.

For the sake of completeness, though, let’s go through it…

Sometime between August 1st and last night, Mark DeRosa, like practically every other player in the Majors (save Joe Mauer, who will be spared the indignity because of a whole bunch of confused Twins fans), was placed on revocable (i.e. they can be revoked) trade waivers.

We understand how this works, yes? Guys who get placed on waivers and don’t get claimed may be traded during the month of August (that’s why you’ll sometimes see July 31st referred to as the “non-waiver” trade deadline). Occasionally, though, players do get claimed. When that happens the player’s current club has three options: 1) they can pull the player back from waivers and keep him, 2) they can work out a trade with the club who claimed him, using the fact that they can pull the player back off waivers as leverage to get something in return, or 3) they can let the claiming club take the player, as well as the entirety of his contract– as the Jays did when the White Sox put a claim in on Alex Rios four years ago.

So, inevitably Bautista and Encarnacion will go on waivers, someone will put a claim on those terrific contracts, and the Jays will pull them back. Shit, the Jays would likely even pull back Mark Buehrle if he gets claimed. The whole thing just isn’t a big deal.

Yet here we are, with breathless reports last night from ol’ Kenny Ken Ken about how Mark DeRosa had been claimed by someone. Or… maybe not breathless. And it’s not exactly like Rosenthal’s hyping something up– he’s just doing his job. It’s just… well… here’s how it all unfolded:

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It’s a big ol’ bowl of disappointment tonight, as two of the off-season’s supposed big winners square off in the opening of a completely meaningless early-August four-game series. Hey, but at least we get to see Mike Trout, right?

Oh, and maybe Josh Johnson won’t be completely terrible for once.

Or… I don’t know. Late night baseball’s pretty alright, at least.


Shi Davidi tweets that “Sergio Santos says he feels good and ready, happy with fastball command, wants more consistency in slider/change.”

Regarding Dustin McGowan, Davidi adds that John Gibbons said that it’s just a “brief shutdown period” that has landed him back on the DL with an oblique strain. The Jays, he says,  ”want to be careful with delicate area. No timeline yet.”

Richard Griffin notes that McGowan tweaked his lower right rib side on the second pitch he threw to Yoenis Cespedes on Monday, though he stayed in to pitch another inning after that.

Lastly, Gregor Chisholm passes along word of another Henry Blanco grand slam tonight. No, really.

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April 9th vs Tigers

Batter pLI WPA
Reyes – SS 0.78 0.029
Cabrera – LF 0.81 0.081
Bautista – DH 1.14 -0.119
Encarnacion – 1B 0.86 -0.093
Arencibia – C 0.64 -0.064 Pitcher pLI WPA
Rasmus – CF 0.4 -0.006 Morrow – SP 0.88 -0.284
Davis – RF 0.79 -0.064 Cecil – RP 0.24 0.025
Lind – PH 0.17 0.011 Rogers – RP 0.35 0.03
Izturis – 3B 0.67 -0.069 Oliver – RP 0.12 -0.017
Bonifacio – 2B 0.39 0.045 Gonzalez – RP 0.05 -0.004
Total 0.71 -0.25 Total 0.55 -0.25

 Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

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