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I’m at the Rogers Centre doing a podcast — more on that later! — so this is all you get.

Hey, it’s more than J.A. Happ is giving you right now.

Game Threat: Jays @ Yankees


Has Colby Rasmus lost his job? Find out on today’s very special long weekend version of As The Blue Jays Turn…

It’s my friend Kevin’s birthday, so I’m already at the bar, and about to head to the game, and so all I’ve got for you tonight is this half-assed Game Threat… which, honestly, is pretty much all this damn season deserves at this point anyway, eh? I’ll come back around, it’s just right now it’s a little tough to get amped about the grind. I know you know this too!

Seriously now, try winning a damn game.

Game Threat: Jays vs. Rays

They’re playing the Rays tonight, right? Well… still working out some kinks in the new computer working procedure and… well… this week has already been so abysmally half-assed around here, I’m kinda thinking… why bust my ass on a right proper Game Threat at this point? In the words of Alex Rios, who gives a fuck?

Back to normal soon, though. Oh, and Jays… win a fucking game!

I don’t know why anybody who knows would say it to Steve Simmons, of all people, but according to his report in this morning’s Toronto Sun, Alex Anthoupouls will return as GM of the Blue Jays next season.

To wit:

Anthopoulos has taken tremendous heat from fans, and even from some of his players, for his inability to make a significant deal at the non-waiver trade deadline and, of late, the Jays’ playoff chances are fading.

Ownership, however, looks at it somewhat differently. No matter what happens over the final 38 games, it appears pleased that Anthopoulous has put the club’s future in good pitching hands with a potential rotation down the road that includes Marcus Stroman, Aaron Sanchez, Drew Hutchison and minor-league stalwart Daniel Norris — all of whom are 23 years old or younger.

This is pretty understandable, and quite fine — especially if Simmons is correct when he later, a few sentences before diving full-on into total fucking insufferable lemon-sucking garbage clowndom regard Jose Bautusta, roster construction, and Kyle Drabek, he writes that the money issue is maybe murky as ever, since “the Jays never went to Rogers and asked for more money because they were never close enough to a trade that would have required additional funds.” But obviously it will require elaboration, which I’ll totally provide… y’know… tomorrow.

He also adds that Melky Cabrera is telling people he wants to stay here, if you want to believe more people with knowledge are actually willing to tell Steve Simmons stuff, and that John Gibbons’ status is up in the air — though Shi Davidi clears that up at Sportsnet (as MLBTR makes clear).

Davidi’s piece says that Rogers Media honcho Keith Pelley rubbishes the report, but it’s not like he’s believable either, and let’s be honest, Beeston is still around and AA has been an awful good corporate soldier over the years, so… yeah, I wouldn’t at all be shocked if Simmons is right and Pelley is just deflecting. Who knows, though?

So… there’s that.