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It was 5-1!

Oh… apparently this game isn’t until 4. But whatever, this is all you get.

After the absence of a proper Game Threat yesterday, you’d think if make an effort to do one up right here today. But nope, this is what you get. Go Jays!

chart (4)

Buehrle’s gonna buehrle. And holy shit, it pitcher wins weren’t entirely meaningless relics of a bygone age only currently inhabited by Toronto Sun writers, the fact that he has ten of them on June 1st would be pretty seriously fucking impressive! Hey! And Dioner Navarro hit a home run! Encarnacion too, but that’s to be expected. Navarro, on the other hand– that’ll play! Thanks in part to his not being 100%, the Jays’ catchers have been one of the worst groups behind the plate in the all of baseball, just barely shading over replacement level. Fortunately, there’s a little more upside in Navarro (one hopes), and the reality is, Jays catchers have still been markedly improved over last year’s group. In 2014 so far they rank 25th with +0.2 WAR, whereas in 2013 they were 29th with -1.2 WAR.

So… that’s sort of alright, I guess.

Buehrle, though. Fucking eh. Again!


Image/chart via FanGraphs.

It’s Sunday. This is what you get. Go Jays!

I should probably say a lot here about a great matchup between a couple of veteran lefties, but… uh… this is all you get. Go Jays!


They’re ballplayers, it’s an off-day, so let’s not make more of this than what we need to — plus, the Jays would have landed in Minneapolis last night, so they’re on Central time, too — but this is some pretty funny stuff from the Jose Reyes’s Instagram. What could possibly have been going on?? I’m sure any flu-like symptoms will be cleared up before the Jays take on the Twins on Tuesday night.

Reyes, who has left the team for Florida, and will  explains:

Buenos Dias my people yo sabia que me extrañaban pero y que fue se fueron en sentimiento XX XX XX XX XX XX XX UNO no Es guachiman XX XX @encadwin @ellembo @joeybats19 tienen que paral

Google translate warps it pretty good, but you get the idea… mostly:

Good Morning my people I knew but they missed me and was feeling left in XX XX XX XX XX XX XX Is not ONE watchman XX XX ellembo @ @ @ encadwin joeybats19 have to stud

Er… like I say, mostly. For those wondering, El Lembo is Moises Sierra. And each double-X is a smiley face (WordPress is dumb sometimes).

So… yeah. At least a little funny, right?


Crotch grab in the direction of @JordyRamone for the heads up.

No you’re being lazy again!

Talk amongst yourselves…