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I’m certain that the well educated readers of DJF wouldn’t pay the thought any more mind than it deserves, but it appears that among the less ardent members of Blue Jays Nation, a vocal minority is suggesting that Toronto’s Major League Baseball team follow up with the Boston Red Sox on rumours as to the availability of one Kevin Youkilis.

I assume these are the same people who expect Vladimir Guerrero to be an impact bat for the team. For whom, I have these words of advice: Live in the now, man.

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The 2012 MLB Rule IV draft will most likely be seen as a failure. Prior to the draft, we discussed on multiple occasions how the new rules put in place to limit spending on signing bonuses were supposedly a means of ensure the most talented players were drafted first. Instead, it’s opened the door for organizations to take advantage of a lack of leverage given to college seniors, while attempting to allocate the majority of their spending limits to their first few draft picks.

For the uninitiated, here is a summary of the new rules:

MLB has set a predetermined value for every pick, from $7.2 million for the number one choice to $100,000 for any pick after the 300th. These are the resulting slot allowances for every team, also with the amounts of money that each team spent in the first ten rounds of last year’s draft, as well as the overall amount they spent:

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According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the Toronto Blue Jays may be showing interest in acquiring Matt Garza from the Chicago Cubs.

One rival executive reports that the Jays are “sniffing all over” Cubs right-hander Matt Garza – a move that would make some sense, considering that Garza is under club control through 2013. But the Jays also have needs in first base and left field, and a long-term question at second base, withKelly Johnson only on a one-year deal.

Rosenthal quite rightly points out that the Blue Jays aren’t exactly one move away from competing, even next year, let alone this year. However, Garza, with an additional year of team control in 2013, would be a more compelling addition than a one year rental given the team’s current position in the AL East.

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There’s a movement afoot. Well, at least sixteen tweets and a couple of message board posts, but anything that’s anything has to start somewhere, and #OperationWhiteWash might as well start here:

Normally, the idea of joining together in unity over any issue induces more eye rolls from me than a trailer for a movie starring Kate Hudson, but this seems to be rooted in a spirit of fun and shows that we’re all capable of having a laugh at a ridiculous accusation, which is almost always better than the alternative: spiking one’s batting helmet at the feet of your accuser.

So, if you’re heading to the game on Sunday against the Boston Red Sox, be sure to dress in all of your pre-Labour Day glory to cheer on the Blue Jays and prove that for all the vitriol we might spew forth online, deep down, we do have a sense of humour about it all.

For background to #OperationWhiteWash, check out this and more recently, this.

More On Hammel

I was thinking, after first hearing of the ridiculous shit that dribbled out of Baltimore pitcher Jason Hammel’s mouth following his loss to the Jays tonight, that getting in front of my computer and laying down an old fashioned skull-blasting, ball-fucking, king hell of a profanity-laced screed wouldn’t just be cathartic for me, but also for a lot of the readers who have been frustrated lately by our refusal around here to rally to any number of what folks have tried to pass as obvious, guttural, instant, us-vs.-them causes.

Easy, I thought. Jason Hammel said something monumentally stupid– another iteration of the steaming pile of “worst cheaters ever” shit being laid on the heads of a fucking fourth place team– and we could all revel in pointing out precisely how monumentally fucking stupid it was.

Trouble is, it’s just too damn easy. We’ve seen this movie before, and it we know it only ends in embarrassment for anyone lazy or intellectually dishonest enough to try and claim that the Jays are a piss poor bunch of cheaters, sitting in fourth place, with a pair of Opening Day regulars now demoted, and nothing resembling a curious uniformity in home/road splits (Bautista, Johnson and Rasmus have each posted a higher OPS on the road).

But something really does kinda fucking burn me up in all this, and that’s the fact that this is the kind of sour, sore loser horseshit on which the Jays’ reputation has been built. This! Shitty shitballer Jason Hammel crashing back to earth and shooting his dullard mouth off as he gropes for any kind of explanation of tonight that doesn’t involve him being as useless as tits on a bull’s horsecock. And it was that reputation that supposedly justified the prodding in last summer’s laughable, statistically insipient hatchet job in ESPN The Magazine.

This kind of nonsense perpetuates that kind of nonsense, and that’s why… y’know… fuck the fuck off, Jason Hammel.


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What Jason Hammel Said

The Toronto Blue Jays beat the Baltimore Orioles 4-1 tonight thanks to four solo home runs hit by Edwin Encarnacion, Rajai Davis, Brett Lawrie and Colby Rasmus off of opposing starter Jason Hammel.

Following the game, Hammel had this to say:

I don’t think you can take swings like that, not knowing they’re coming. There’s rumours and things like that, I don’t know. I can’t speak on that but they were taking very, very strong hacks on breaking stuff. It’s something I’ve never seen before.

Hmm. Is Hammel referring to the mysterious man in white story that ESPN: The Magazine reported on last year? You remember. The story that accused the Jays of going to elaborately laughable lengths to steal signs.

Well, his not quite accusations might have a bit more bite if, you know, it was actually his breaking pitches that the Blue Jays were bashing over the fence at Rogers Centre. All four of the solo home runs tonight were hit off of Hammel’s fastballs.

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We’re Going Mobile!

Some of you may have already noticed, while others– brought on by the frustrations of viewing the site on your mobile device prior to today– may have simply been coming here on desktop-only since we moved over to theScore, and it’s to this latter group that I’d like to happily announce that DJF– like all the other Score blogs, in fact– finally has a spiffy-looking, nicely-functioning, ass-kicking, name-taking, blasting-across-the-alkali-flats in a jet-powered, monkey-navigated mobile site. So get DJF’in on your phones again already. I know many of you have been asking for this…