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I’m pretty sure that the Toronto Blue Jays official Twitter feed retweeting the above message was more of a mistake, rather than an attempt at mimicking L.A Kings style irreverent social media practices.

And in that sense, it’s kind of nice of the account runner to show solidarity with a team that was absolutely dominated this weekend by the Texas Rangers. Form and function for the win.

However, wouldn’t it be refreshing if this wasn’t a rarity, and the social media experts in the Blue Jays front office adopted the #JerkBall approach of the actual team? I mean, it worked didn’t it? Did anyone else have any idea before this tweet that the June 17th game against the Philadelphia Phillies would include replica batting helmets being given away?

Thanks to @SeanShaughnessy for the tip.

The Toronto Blue Jays have promoted right handed relievers Chad Beck and Jesse Chavez from Triple A Las Vegas, and optioned utility player Yan Gomes and right handed reliever Ryota Igarashi after the team used six members of the bullpen in yesterday’s extra innings loss to the Texas Rangers, and three to cover six plus innings the night before.

Because Chavez isn’t a current member of the 40 man roster, it’s expected that Igarashi will be designated for assignment to make room for him.

Beck, who had a brief audition with the big league club last year, has put up mediocre numbers in more than 20 innings at Triple A this year, outside of his low ERA. He throws a mid nineties fastball, a low nineties cutter, a mid eighties slider and an occasional mid eighties change up.

Chavez, who has bounced around several organizations since coming up through the Rangers system, has started ten games in Las Vegas, putting up a very impressive K:BB ratio of five, thanks to a 23.8% strike out rate and a 4.8% walk rate. Despite starting in the Minors, it’s expected that he’ll have a relief role during his stint in the Majors. He throws a low nineties fastball, a high eighties slider and a change up that’s only four miles per hour slower than his fastball.

It wouldn’t be the least bit surprising to see both lambs used today against the Texas Rangers. Best of luck with that, fellas.

Game Threat: Jays @ Rays

You already got links out of me on a holiday, what more do you want? This is your half-assed Game Threat…

Game Threat: Jays vs. Rays

You know and I know that the Jays are playing the Rays tonight, and that this is the Game Threat for it. So… what more do you really need from me?

Answer: goddamn nothing.

Consider this your Game Threat.

Podcast The Turd

And now for something a little different. With Mr. Andrew Stoeten traversing about in Texas, Drew Fairservice and I were joined by the one and only Gregor Chilsholm of and Twitter, to talk about the power of Brandon Morrow compelling batters to strike out, the frustrations of Jose Bautista and the hack attack skills of Eric Thames. Indeed, it is the latest episode of the DJF podcast!

If you’re more inclined to download, hit up the mp3 link.

The DJF iTunes page is up and running, so get on over there and subscribe. Another listening alternative comes if you like us on Facebook, as you’ll be able to play the podcast straight from your news feed, once our status is updated to include this post. Try it!

Mintmusical interludes courtesy Toronto’s own Optical Sounds. Be sure to check them out and buy every single fucking thing you hear at their site.

I got nothing. Nice win yesterday. This is your Threat…


I’d like to begin this Game Threat by saying that, for all the things I miss about Toronto while I’m here on vacation, watching the Jays’ nightly left and right cocking up of things isn’t one of them. I can’t say that, however, because, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I was sitting on an Austin porch in 30 degree heat last night, watching the traitorous Michael Saunders take Luis Perez barely over the right field fence at SkyDome to ensure another Jays loss, this time at the hands of the stinking Mariners. Ugh.

Of course, I most definitely don’t miss having to deal with the Chicken Little dry hump squad who, as surely as they are fucking morons, must be seeing this spell as incontrovertible evidence that the 2012 Jays Can’t Cut It, thanks mainly to the large black gaps in their hysterical brains that won’t permit them to remember that even the best teams are gonna lose 70 times or more.

Nor do I miss the opportunity to go and piss away good money on shitty beers while watching Brandon Morrow try to stop the streak as he continues this season’s odd grope towards finding himself. Even if it’s one of the club’s far too fucking few Saturday 4 PM home starts. I’m much happier here, cracking a Lone Star in the noon heat.

Enjoy the game. This is your threat…