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Recipient of bad advice, Phil Bickford.

The 5:00 PM deadline for clubs to come to terms with the players selected in June’s Rule 4 draft has come and gone. Merry Fans Lose Their Shit Over Unsigned Draft Picksmas! Do we have another Young Beedah on our hands?

Yes we do! Jim Callis of Baseball America tweeted, just as the clock passed 5 PM, that Phil Bickford, the Jays first pick, and tenth overall, will be going to Cal State Fullerton.

However, as a consolation we have Jake Brentz, the big Missouri high school left-hander, who the Jays took in the eleventh round– and was number 80 on Baseball America’s top 500 list. He was reportedly not as close to coming to terms with the Jays as Rowdy Tellez, but less than ten minutes before the deadline Callis tweeted┬áthat he signed for $700,000.

A few moments later, the Tellez– a power hitting first baseman from California– signing was passed along by Callis as well. Another top 100 talent (59th on the BA list, to be specific), Tellez signed for $850,000, according to the tweet from Callis.

The Jays, of course, also get the 11th overall pick in next year’s draft as compensation.

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