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Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays

OK, to be fair, maybe that means he just admired the club and how they did business or something, but this tweet from the New York Times’ David Waldstein sure isn’t going to do a lot of favours for the legacy of Vernon Wells in this town. And just when people were starting to realize that it wasn’t his fault he got offered a ludicrous contract!

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New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays


Oh fuck, that’s awesome.

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For some reason the guys at CBS Sports continue to poke and prod their way around the notion of Joey Votto– who reaches free agency two full effing seasons from now– one day signing with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Last week it was Jon Heyman, who asked Votto straight up about club policies that limit the length of free agent contracts to a certain number of years– five, I believe it was. Hmmm… who could he have been referencing?

Now today we get Danny Knobler– the Knobler!– who has gone to the finest source possible for insight into the workings of the Jays front office…

Vernon Wells?

“I think there could be an exception to the rule,” Wells told the Knobler. “They have the resources to do what they want, but they’re very calculated.”

“So could that exception be a first baseman, maybe a Canadian first baseman who can become a free agent in a couple years?” the Knobler oh-so-subtly asks.

“There are exceptions to the rule,” Wells said.

So that’s that… DID’JA HEAR! VOTTO IS COMING!!!!!