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I’m not sure how serious the Jays ever were when it came to bringing Bartolo Colon to the Rogers Centre, but the opportunity is no longer there, as he’s moved to the National League, agreeing to a two year deal with the Mets.

Or… maybe it’s more actually that the Mets agreed to pay Colon, rather than the other way around. Clearly he was chasing a second year on the deal, and clearly the Mets were the team that was desperate enough to add him to do it. I don’t think it’s necessarily a terrible move on there part, but as for the Jays’ lack of traction here– read: their lack of willingness to overpay– I think it could signal one of two things…

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After I’d already finished my piece on the comments today from Alex Anthopoulos, Ben Nicholson-Smith went and dropped this on us:

It’s not a bombshell that couldn’t have been included in the previous post, I don’t think, but it’s probably as good a place to remind ourselves that stuff is still simmering, that clubs may be ready to get something done and move on before the end of the meetings, and that things could turn rather quickly.

It’s also fine time to remind ourselves here that while Anthopoulos holds his cards pretty tightly to his vest, he’s usually pretty good at letting us know when he’s folded. Last year at almost exactly this time– around 5 PM on the Wednesday of the Winter Meetings in Nashville– I was writing that the Jays had made it clear that they’d be leaving before the Rule Five draft, and that absolutely nothing was going on.

That hasn’t happened yet this year, and while it may just be because of whatever little Rule Five move they’re trying to accomplish, that’s not the sense you get from Benny Fresh’s tweet.

Speaking of things Alex Anthopoulos is good at, by the way, here’s one: he’s really good at not being Ruben Amaro.

Good lord. No wonder Roy Halladay wanted to get his foot in the door with the Jays organization, eh?

And it’s not a good night for meat-head traditionalists either, as the league has just banned collisions at the plate. Wow, a league that actually gives a shit about player safety (and protecting their assets) enough to get pointless violence out of the game instead of inventing a whole fucking industry for dinosaurs to rage out against common sense. And a complete reasonable decision about it that’s not being met with an iota of uproar. Weird.

So… there’s that.


Alex Anthopoulos met with the media for his Wednesday afternoon session today– assuming that it actually is Wednesday– and while he didn’t offer up a whole lot new– which, itself, is nothing new– or suggest that there has been a whole lot in the way of movement, he did actually offer quite a bit of interesting information for us to chew on, I think.

He adds something that I think we’ve understood for quite some time now…

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Not that this is exactly an effing revelation here, but Ken Rosenthal at least has his ear to the ground for some Jays stuff, and he’s hearing exactly what everybody else is hearing (basically from Alex Anthopoulos himself)– or at the very least what we could all surmise by the fact that nothing has happened yet.

To wit:

I mean… yeah. This time yesterday I was writing about Kevin Youkilis, so at least this qualifies as Jays-related news, I guess. And the fact that they looked into David Price is maybe noteworthy– especially with the market for him not exactly flush, especially, one assumes, after the Mariners learned that Price wasn’t open to re-signing in Seattle, and after the Rays learned that the M’s wouldn’t include Taijuan Walker in a deal– but… we don’t really think this is going to happen, do we?

I don’t know. But the sense here is that we’re in the middle of a pretty big staring contest on just about everything that’s in play for the moment, including Stroman and Sanchez– who Anthopoulos hasn’t shied away from saying he’ll deal, though he acknowledged that he didn’t want to (or maybe flat out wouldn’t) move them both in the same trade.

It’s just about as exciting as being in the middle of a staring contest, too, huh?

One guy who isn’t in play, it should be noted– and so, why not here?– is Cleveland’s Justin Masterson. Jim Bowden tweeted earlier today that Terry Francona had informed him on his radio show that Masterson had been called and told he wouldn’t be getting dealt. Hard to compete if you’re trading away your best players– which is exactly the lessons I’d assume the Reds are learning at the moment, as well. The Jays too, most likely, when they’re being asked about the Bautistas and Encarnacions of the world, rather than prospects like Sanchez and Stroman.

I said all along that I wouldn’t be surprised if the Masterson stuff was just Cleveland’s way of getting a feel for his market, with the though that they may make him available as a rental in July, should their season go south. Seems about right.

So… there’s that.


The Winter Meetings continue today in Orlando, and since I missed passing this along in the morning, like I’ve been doing so far this week, it seems like now is the perfect time to do a little housekeeping to get you setup for all the delicious coverage around here that will continue through until the end of the meetings.

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Once again, but a little later this time, here’s a hastily put together collection of links to get you ready for day three of the Winter Meetings, as we get set to once again begin playing the waiting game Hungry Hungry Hippos in hopes of some actual Jays-related news…

Bob Elliott had another piece go up for the Toronto Sun last night, which was slightly less of a bombshell than the one where he told us Colby Rasmus was being shopped, but it did have a few interesting tidbits. For one, the Jays were in talks with the Diamondbacks about starting pitching, he says, before the Angels swooped in with their offer of Mark Trumbo’s .299 on-base and Arizona moved on to that. But he also tells us that “Kenta Yagi, who represents Munenori Kawasaki, is at the meetings and met with the Blue Jays officials on Tuesday.” Elliott says that Kawasaki is “trying to decide on either returning to the Jays as a free-agent or heading home to play in Japan.” As a minor league free agent, one hopes. Though he’d have a decent case to be the second base starter, at this point, I think.

Speaking of Japanese players, David Waldstein of the New York Times tweets that Bobby Valentine, who has a tonne of experience in NPB, says that Masahiro Tanaka will definitely be posted. Of course, Valentine also claims that he invented the wrap, so…

Ken Rosenthal tweets that, despite some conflicting reports over the last few days (and weeks, really), Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips is apparently genuinely in play at the moment. He’d be a good fit with the Jays, but as Rosenthal notes, the Reds are only considering a move “if it helps them in 2014.” Colby Rasmus could help them in that goal, but… I don’t know. Lots of Jays fans have been dreaming of extracting Phillips and a pitcher from the Reds, but… what’s in it for them, exactly?

Kenny Ken Ken adds that the Reds could also move Homer Bailey, with the same caveat, but he’s hearing that they’d prefer to move Phillips, and are looking to get Bailey signed to an extension.

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Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays

Richard Griffin’s latest for the Toronto Star contradicts earlier reports from Bob Elliott of the Sun that suggested the Blue Jays were actively shopping Colby Rasmus in their quest to find pitching.

“Will Colby Rasmus be traded?” he asks. “It may very well happen this winter, but contrary to rumours, the Jays have not been shopping their power-hitting centre fielder…although he has been very popular whenever the Jays’ GM Alex Anthopoulos picks up his phone.”

He mostly ends up suggesting that the Jays and Cubs are still the best fit, for some kind of a deal involving Jeff Samardzija, though the fact that Alex Anthopoulos is very reluctant to move his top pitching prospects– as, according to Griffin, he dreams “for a similar situation to the ’13 Cardinals, how Michael Wacha and Trevor Rosenthal emerged, coming on like freight trains in the second half and the post-season”– is making it hard to get anything done. Though, he tells us, there is still time for the clubs to figure it all out.

Gregor Chisholm focusses in on Samardzija as well, in a new post at his North Of The Border blog, giving some quick thoughts on all of the hot topics around the Jays from down there in Orlando. One of those is also on Rasmus, who “is just one year away from a massive payday as a free agent and that has a very negative impact on his overall value.”

“The Blue Jays don’t need another back-end starter — they already have plenty of those — they need someone that can easily be a candidate for the top three,” he continues. “If the club couldn’t get that for Jose Bautista then it’s incredibly hard to believe they’d be able to get that for Rasmus.”

Wait, they couldn’t??? And now they’re done trying???

I’m sure he doesn’t mean it quite that way, and I see his point there, for sure.

Meanwhile, after word broke last night about the possibility of Rasmus being moved, ol’ @FlorenceFalcon0 (aka Tony Rasmus IV) weighed in on the situation…

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