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If you’re a regular reader, you’re probably well aware that the term “long read” is sort of a misnomer here on DJF mountain, but I suspect that you know what I mean when I use it. Occasionally we dive just a little bit deeper into a topic than usual, and sometimes, frankly, it seems as though our efforts disappear a little too quickly into the ether.

I get that. It’s a product of the medium we work in, which otherwise has many, many advantages and great aspects– one of which is the fact that I can do things like collecting up all of the most interesting, re-readable pieces we’ve written over the course of a year (or, at least, the ones that either best stoked my narcissism or impressed me from my colleagues), and re-post them after an appropriate time has passed. Say a year, or maybe a year and almost-two-and-a-half-weeks or something. *COUGH*

And, lo and behold, here are a bunch of them for the year that just passed (um, almost-two-and-a-half-weeks back). The year in DJF Longreads for 2012…

Romero’s Late Mechanical Change Signals Concern – 3/20
By the third week of March, the Jays seemed finally to acknowledge what fans had noticed all spring: something still wasn’t right with Ricky Romero. And I… uh… noticed them noticing.

I’m not saying I’d prefer the club to be deceptive– “it’s not a lie if we know the truth” and all that old noise– but if the only good that will come from making it known that these changes are taking place is that it will make it easier to excuse another poor performance, what does it say about the organization’s belief that Romero is going to pitch well? And what does it say about their continued insistence that he’s going north with this club, come hell or high water?


Season Opening Prediction Conniptions – 4/1
Probably the post I quoted from more often than any other in 2013… because, in my defence of certain prognostications that insufficiently trumpeted the Jays’ chances, I actually acknowledged that Boston might not suck.

Even the Red Sox– who will hit, especially in their ballpark, with Pedroia, Napoli, Gomes against lefties, and full health from Ellsbury and (eventually) Ortiz– need only for Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz to regain their form of two years ago in order to be a club capable of winning the division themselves, really. It’s a tall order, but I suppose the point I’m trying to make is, so is having Dickey pick up where he left off in 2012, keeping Johnson on the path to regaining his dominance, getting a healthy season from Brandon Morrow, and keeping the regression demons at bay when it comes to Mark Buehrle.


Dear John… – 4/5
An open letter to John Farrell on the occasion of his return to Toronto.

When the shit really started hitting the fan you could have pointed to the Jays’ openly stated reluctance to talk about a contract extension with you. You could have mentioned Boston’s setting up of your son’s radiation treatment while you were in the Jays’ employ. You could have pointed out that the club had the power to keep you if they really wanted to– as they did the year before. They didn’t want you, either, John. Maybe not as much as you didn’t want them, but enough to have used it to paint yourself in a better light. And you sure as fuck could have not said “dream job,” or “If you recall, I was traded,” John. That kind of delusional, arrogant attempt to brush aside legitimate questions about what appears to have been a duplicitous, long-considered, orchestrated exit just makes you kinda look like a fuckface.

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Start with the important stuff and get all super cereal about it? Don’t make me larf. We’re kicking off this week-ish of half-assed year-in-review posts in the best and least self-congratulatory way possible: with a case of the zanies! Or, in English, with a look back at the best of a bunch of stupid/fun shit we posted to help lift our spirits over the course of a dismal season on the field for the Jays.

Shall we?


Zaun VDayMore relevant now than ever, back in January friend of the blog Ben Johnson pushed back at the then-burgeoning Yes We Canseco movement as he looked into whether the former Blue Jay– and noted author!– Jose Canseco could actually, realistically make good on his many Twitter threats to take a run at the seat of the potentially displaced “Rod” Ford and become Toronto’s next mayor. Hilarious, right? Except for how, y’know, this now sounds about a kabillion times less embarrassing for the city than the current sludge.

Colby curled.

The Zubes helped make February just a little brighter for all of us with a set of hilarious Jays-themed Valentine’s Day cards (with special appearance from Dat Ass), and followed up with even more of them later that same week.

Mark Behar treated us to a Ricciardi-era Jays-themed comic that never was.

Not long after the Jays got together in Florida for the start of Spring Training, they all got their official photos taken, so I had some fun with picture day, and then returned later with some more half-assed ones.

Jose Reyes danced with the Dunedin grounds crew, and R.A. Dickey tweeted a pic of him as a kid, playing for the Blue Jays in full-on ca. 1986 pullovers. Ahh, optimism.

March wasn’t even over yet, but Dave Burrows was already sick of the Jays’ insufferable advertising campaign.

Meanwhile, Vernon Wells decided to go ahead and torch whatever remained of the sympathy Jays fans might have for him by telling New York reporters that he could hardly hide his smile at becoming a Yankee, saying that he had quietly been a fan of theirs all along.

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