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Well here’s something completely unnecessary to get everybody fired up on a Wednesday afternoon, as Buster Olney includes the following tidbit in his latest piece for of (Insider Olney)…

Source: Remember how the Jays were expected to be such big players in the Yu Darvish bidding? Well, one official said that Toronto actually finished third in the bidding, behind the Rangers and Cubs, and that no bid was within $35 million of what Texas tendered.

Ugh. Don’t say I never do anything for you, clowns who pretend Rogers doesn’t spend on the Jays and insist because they have yet to sign a big free agent that it means they never will.

Don’t get my sarcasm wrong, though. The pass on Darvish still hurts. A lot. Plus, it looks pretty stupid after how terrific he’s looked so far, and there’s no Beltran excuse here, where the Jays can plausibly claim that they offered a competitive bid and were turned down– it was a straight-up bid and they weren’t even in the ballpark. Though I suppose it mitigates it somewhat to know that the Jays were one of 29 teams who didn’t bid close to what the Rangers did.

That said, it would have been nice if, y’know, they’d told us that outright before letting everyone get so worked up about it, but I guess I understand the principle that revealing their intentions with Darvish to the league may have impacted other negotiations that were ongoing. I guess. Still… ugh.

Rage away, if you still have the wherewithal.


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