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Yes, let’s go to my house. Take naps. Where’s my food?

Before we get to what’s interesting out there, let’s get to what you surely already know: the Jays made some roster moves over the weekend, optioning Munenori Kawasaki back to Buffalo to make room for the return of Jose Reyes, and bringing up Juan Francisco to add some thump (and strikeouts) to the lineup as Adam Lind and his wonky back move to the DL. Gregor Chisholm has the details on these moves, plus Casey Janssen’s latest setback, which will keep him out another two weeks, over at

Oh, and Jeremy Jeffress elected free agency rather than being assigned to Buffalo, and ended up coming to a deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. MLB Daily Dish has the details (because MLBTR isn’t working for me right now, for some reason).

Outstanding stuff from Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star, as he talks to each of the Jays’ hitters about how they prepare for a plate appearance. Read it.

“Remember when Stroman struggled badly this spring and everyone worried about whether a short pitcher would be able to generate enough downward plane to miss bats?” asked Jeff Moore of Baseball Prospectus in a piece last week. “Well, he’s still short. When Stroman keeps the ball down, he’s lights out, thanks to a plus change-up. He can get hurt when he misses up, but who doesn’t?”

Interesting test for Stroman tonight, tweets Ben Wagner, as he faces Red Sox prospect Brandon Workman, and a pair of rehabbing big leaguers in Will Middlebrooks and Shane Victorino.

More prospect stuff, and Stroman stuff, in particular, from Charlie Caskey at Your Van C’s. And also there’s some great “public sector scouting” stuff on his latest at Blue Jays Plus. Plus, David Laurila of FanGraphs talks to Mitch Nay about his grandfather’s influence.

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Game Threat: Jays @ Cleveland

So… yesterday sucked. Obviously. But you want to know what sucks more? Listening to fucking hopeless idiots trying to make a mountain out of two losses on a 162 game schedule for a team currently at .500 who everybody figured would end up somewhere about ten games above or below .500 by the time all is said and don’t. Yeah, Gibbons left Dickey in a batter or two too long and it bit him. It happens. If it helps inform the manager in making a hard decision the next time he contemplates having Dickey on a shorter leash than he believes the pitcher would like, then there’s some positive there. Way more negative than positive, but still. Also, as much as the little pisspantses rushing to Twitter to vent about Noah Syndergaard don’t want to hear this: it’s early. There is no reason to think that Dickey won’t get better than what we’ve seen. Look at what he did when healthy in the second half of last season, and in 2012. These four games haven’t looked good, but they don’t undo that (you whining fucking morons).

And last night’s game? Yeah, it was a bullpen meltdown of epic proportions. Yeah, you could nitpick Gibbons for taking Delabar out too early, or pretend like Santos wasn’t trying, or something, in order to justify all the little negativity you want to hurl through your TV and computer screens, but… I dunno… maybe try being a goddamn human being for once and recognize that the Jays tried to hold a lead with their two best relievers and it just didn’t work, which is a thing that happens sometimes. Look around you: most people can actually do this just fine, and just because your insufferably fucking whiny voice is loud enough doesn’t mean you’re not kinda dumb as shit and blind to what a little child you’re actually being. OK?

Now let’s never speak of it again.


Minneapolis is still shaking off the snow from yesterday’s storm, so… let’s play two games of outdoor baseball!

Though actually, that sort of is one hell of a way to tell winter to go fuck right off already, eh, ya fuckin’ buncha snow, and as you can see from this tweet by Barry Davis of Sportsnet, the Twins’ grounds crew has made Target Field look downright playable. Which… that’s a good thing, because we’ve got two games of baseball to get to. So settle in, settle up to the bar, try not to get too dismayed by some of the scuttlebutt that will follow, and keep it together long enough to so something relatively productive during the window between the 1 PM ET game and the 7 PM ET game. We’ve got a day-night doubleheader on our hands!


Sure, the bullpen is humming along without Casey Janssen, but this is still not great news: Brendan Kennedy tweets that he’s taking a step back from his rehab assignment, and will be shut down for a few days. I know he’s not a big velocity guy anyway, but the reports of him being 86-89 in his last outing weren’t exactly encouraging, and don’t necessarily make this surprising.

Gregor Chisholm first tweeted that it was a “sore lower back” that was behind Janssen’s shut-down, however Scott MacArthur later tweeted that it is an abdominal strain, which was later repeated by other sources as well. (Gregor has clarified that it’s sort of both: “it’s technically strained lower back/ left abdominal muscle. It’s on the lower left side of his body.”)

Kennedy adds a quote from John Gibbons that backs up the tie in with the velocity issues: “It’s not like it’s a lot worse, but he doesn’t feel comfortable enough yet to start cutting it loose.”

Gregor also tweets that Jose Reyes is now expected to rejoin the Jays on Saturday in Cleveland, not Friday. Fortunately it’s not because of a setback, it’s because of “crap” weather (according to a tweet from MacArthur) and the fact that they would have liked him to avoid the day game after a night game anyway.

Colby Rasmus is back in the lineup, as you can see below. Though, because of the cold weather and the ailing hamstring, he’ll be at DH for game one. And he won’t be in centre for game two, either, as Anthony Gose is with the club — though, as Barry Davis reminds us in a tweet, as per MLB’s rule about using a 26th roster spot for doubleheaders, he’s only available for the 7 PM tilt. Rasmus would have played in the outfield today if conditions were better, says Gibbons, according to a Brendan Kennedy tweet.

Davis also tweets that Adam Lind says his back feels better — “I’m functionable,” he told Brendan Kennedy — though he won’t be available today. He’s still hopeful he can avoid a DL stint, though, so that’s alright.

Kennedy tweets that Gibbons says if someone gets up in the bullpen for game one, he’s probably not going to be available for game two. MacArthur notes that Gibbons’ game one bench consists of Dioner Navarro and Jonathan Diaz.

MacArthur: Security guy checks my bag: “Today isn’t the day to bring in anything malicious. Nobody’s going to be here anyway.”

Ben Wagner tweets that it’s also a doubleheader day in snowy Buffalo. He adds another Bisons tidbit: Marcus Stroman’s 21 strikeouts are tied for the most in all of triple-A baseball.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:05 PM ET, @ Cleveland

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the game one lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
CF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Colby Rasmus
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
RF Moises Sierra (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
SS Ryan Goins (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Minnesota Twins

2B Brian Dozier (R)
1B Joe Mauer (L)
3B Trevor Plouffe (R)
RF Chris Colabello (R)
LF Jason Kubel (L)
DH Josmil Pinto (R)
C Kurt Suzuki (R)
CF Aaron Hicks (S)
SS Pedro Florimon (S)

RHP Kyle Gibson


Image via @BlueJays.


A good, old fashioned doubleheader! Uh… y’know… in snowy Minnesota in April.

The Jays and Twins have been snowed out today, meaning that R.A. Dickey and Dustin McGowan will both be pitching tomorrow, with Dickey presumably taking the regularly scheduled 1:10 PM ET start, and McGowan going at 7:10 PM ET in the game we’re all going to be far too drunk to remember the end of.

What, you’re not getting drunk all day and watching baseball? I thought I knew you.

The current forecast for Minneapolis, according to the Weather Network, has a high tomorrow of 5°C with a low of -2°C. Fun!


Image of Barry Davis’s “view” of Target Field via Barry Davis.


If I wanted to be smothered to death, I’d go back to the Xcalibur and fess up. … If I go back to the Xcalibur and fess up, I’ll be smothered to death. That’s in our Charter.

I didn’t make a big deal of it at the time, despite a lot of people insisting it must be viewed as more evidence of Rogers’ nasty cheapness (hint: it isn’t), but it’s worth mentioning that in his Monday morning piece at Fox Sports, Ken Rosenthal included a tidbit about Jays reliever Neil Wagner. Rosenthal explains that last year, the major league portion of Wagner’s deal “was worth $525,000, and Wagner spent nearly four months last season with the Jays, getting paid at that rate,” and performing reasonably well. However, because “the Jays, like many clubs, use a pay scale for 0-to-3 players” that is based on service time, “Wagner merited an offer of $506,250″ for 2014, and had no leverage to do anything about it. Yep, that’s how the CBA works, and it sure as shit wasn’t a dictum from Rogers that insisted the Jays cut Wagner’s pay — Rosenthal tells us exactly why that happened. So why is he mentioning it at all? Is he assigning some kind of major importance to the story by putting it under his byline? Hardly. Minor Leaguer has it, tweeting that it simply “was a cool look into pre-arb players who were once minor league free agents, not often does their pay get written about.” That’s it. And if Wagner or his agent is upset… um… shouldn’t it be at themselves for not knowing when they signed in the first place that the Jays use a service time-based scale for pre-arb players?

Also from Monday was the Monday Morning Ten Pack at Baseball Prospectus, which featured a pair of Jays prospects: Aaron Sanchez and Dan Norris. Sanchez, as you may have heard, didn’t have his best stuff. “His delivery escaped him most of the day and he struggled to throw strikes consistently,” we were told, with the addition that “seeing the raw potential in Sanchez was easy, but it was also very apparent that he still needs considerable work to reach his ceiling.” Norris isn’t the same calibre of prospect, and also struggled with command, but Chris King, who saw him pitch over the weekend for Dunedin, was impressed with his curve, and added that “on a night where his velocity was down a tick or two and he lacked fastball command, it was very impressive to see a kid battle like he did and shut out a pretty talented Brevard County lineup over six innings.” I’ll take it.

The Jays are looking at having to make a roster move to accommodate Jose Reyes’s return on Friday, which almost certainly means demoting one of their other middle infielders, and I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that — while I didn’t even consider Jonathan Diaz — I sort of figured that Munenori Kawasaki was probably the best fit all along. If Goins keeps hitting like he did last night, though, I could live with that.

Great stuff from Blue Jays Plus, where Gideon Turk talks to Sal Fasano, and looks at some of the drills that the Jays’ roving catching instructor was having his charges do during the spring, to help their receiving and their defensive skills in general.

And more great stuff, as always, from Grant Brisbee of SB Nation, who writes a premature post-mortem for the 2014 Jays, as part of an ongoing series, and decides that things really could be a whole lot worse for the club. Well… yeah.

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Breaking: Adam Lind


Adam Lind has a bad feeling about his back after crossing the plate in Tuesday’s win at Minnesota


Adam Lind left tonight’s win over the Twins in the seventh inning, after moving quite gingerly after crossing the plate on Moises Sierra’s ground out, on which Joe Mauer inexplicably chose to take the out at first base rather than coming to the plate, allowing a run to cross. On the TV broadcast Drs. Buck and Pat were hopeful, based on the fact that Lind remained in the dugout for a while, and didn’t look like he was laboring too terribly, that it was mostly a precaution or something that wouldn’t require much time off.

Not so, according to the reports coming from the clubhouse following the game.

In case those tweets don’t make it quite clear enough, this doesn’t sound good. Mind you, not multiple-months not good, but certainly like something that could require a DL stint, as was required in 2011, when he missed 24 games with back trouble, and 2012 when he missed 29.

If you recall — and I only barely did, though Scott MacArthur was kind enough to confirm via tweet — Lind and Encarnacion were flipped, positionally, at the last minute before Sunday’s game (Scott’s original tweet here), which was due to the back injury at that point.

Brendan Kennedy quotes Lind as saying that he hasn’t felt pain like this in his back “for years.” Ugh.

Hey, but at least Jose Reyes is coming back soon, right? Right???

We’ll keep you posted on any roster moves, should they happen — and with the Jays’ already stretched bench, it wouldn’t be surprising if they felt they had to do something quickly, just to avoid playing shorthanded, however, it also wouldn’t necessarily be surprising if they waited, given that the forecast for tomorrow doesn’t look great, and they may get an extra day to figure out what to do here — and… um… we’ll also remind you that Dan Johnson is hitting .242/.366/.545 so far at Buffalo this year… so… that’s something, right? Right???