Marcus Stroman’s (Potentially) Historic Rookie Season

In a guest post, Kyle Matte looks at the potentially historic pace (at least in Blue Jays terms) Marcus Stroman is on in his rookie season.

Half-Assed DJF Post-Game: Jays Lose 2-0

The Jays lose a well-pitched contest in Seattle, making them 3-9 since August began.

Meanwhile, In Texas... J.P. Arenciba Pitches!

JP Arencibia pitches a clean inning for the Texas Rangers. ... Wait, WHAT??!?

Game Threat: Jays (63-58) @ Mariners (64-55)

The Jays look to salvage a game from their three-game set against the Seattle Mariners.

The Daily Duce: Wednesday, August 13th

All the latest and greatest Jays-related links from around the interweb, fully Rob Ducey-fied (whatever that means).

On Garbage Clowns And The Conversation

A conversation on the conversation.

Half-Assed DJF Post-Game: Jays Lose 6-3

The Jays lose another one to the Seattle Mariners. Ugh.

Game Threat: Jays (63-57) @ Mariners (63-55)

The Jays look to bounce back in front of a tremendous crowd of Canadians who've made the trip down the pacific coast to Seattle.

VIDEO: Edwin Hits First-Pitch Grand Slam In His Second Buffalo At-Bat

Edwin Encarnacion is starting to look ready for big league action, don'tcha think?

Report: Jays And Reds To Play In Montreal In March

A report from a Montreal radio station says that the Jays and Reds will play an exhibition series in the city next spring.

Edwin, Set To Return Friday, Takes BP In Buffalo

Edwin Encarnacion is getting close, as we see in this video of him taking batting practice with the Buffalo Bisons.

Stoeten Answers Griffin's Mail Bag - 08/12/14

Yet another caustic trip down the ol' Griff Hole...

Game Threat: Jays (63-56) @ Mariners (62-55)

The Jays begin a west coast series with big playoff implications, taking on Felix Hernandez and the Mariners in Seattle.

Alford Turned Down Five-Year Jays Deal

Anthony Alford claims he was given a five-year offer from the Jays this summer to choose baseball over football full-time, and he turned it down.