Weekend Threat, Rain Threat, And Reflections On Gibbers And Melky

A game threat that includes some reflections on a tough Friday night.

Daniel Norris Debuts, Ks Big Papi

Daniel Norris is slightly nails in his MLB debut.

Breaking: Melky Cabrera?

Melky Cabrera was removed from Friday's game against the Boston Red Sox after appearing to injure his right pinky finger. Ugh.

Game Threat: Jays (72-67) @ Red Sox (61-79)

The Jays head to Boston, looking to continue their hot run and keep on putting themselves back in the playoff picture.

Scoreboard Watching And More Colby

A look back at last night's awesome Colby Rasmus home run, and ahead to the weekend for the teams the Jays are chasing.

Half-Assed DJF Post-Game: Jays Win 1-0!

The Jays win, sweeping a series of three games or more in Tampa for the first time ever. And what a time to do it!

Game Threat: Jays (71-67) @ Rays (67-73)

The Jays look to complete an actual sweep of the Rays in Tampa, sending Mark Buehrle to the hill.

Stoeten Answers Griffin's Mail Bag - 09/04/14

Another caustic trip down the ol' Griff hole...

Dickey For Dickies Is Real, And It's Spectacular

R.A. Dickey would like to sell you some pants.

Half-Assed DJF Post-Game: Jays Win 7-4!

The Jays have won a series in Tampa. Do not adjust your sets. This is not a test.

Game Threat: Jays (70-67) @ Rays (67-72)

The Jays look to actually win a series in Tampa, for once in... forever, sending Marcus Stroman to the hill in game two of a three-game set.

AA Speaks!: Extensions, Call-Ups, 2015, Cabrera, Morrow, Payroll, And More!

Alex Anthopoulos hit the radio airwaves on Tuesday, addressing a whole host of topics as our view begins to turn from 2014 to 2015 and beyond.

Weekend Thoughts: The Call-Ups

The Jays needed nine fresh lockers to fit in all the players they added when roster expanded earlier this week. Here we look at the potential reasons for all the call-ups, and what it means for now and for the future.

Half-Assed DJF Post-Game: Jays Win 8-2

The Jays win! In Tampa!