ESPN’s Streak For The Cash is a next-level sports gaming contest that allows users to pick the winners of as many games as they can in a row. This month, Traci L. from Lewis Center, Ohio, won $100,000 for picking 27 straight games. However, a far more shocking development than accurately selecting so many consecutive outcomes seems to be the fact that Traci L. is a woman.

Judging from the text of ESPN’s announcement, a female winner is a rarity, which might lead some to safely assume that fewer females than males have enough time on their hands to enter such frivolous contests. Unfortunately, blasting a “Female Takes January Stash Again!” headline might also infer an unfair measure of astonishment that a woman would be capable of competing with men at predicting the results of sports match ups. Sacre bleu!

While this might not be as condescending as writing A Girl’s Guide To Watching Sports, stating the gender of the winner as though it’s a surprising development without reference to what makes it surprising leaves room for the announcement to come across as patronizing.

Thanks to Darren Kritzer for the tip.

Update: ESPN has changed the headline.