No one in the NBA – with at least 50 free throws this season – has a worse free throw percentage than Andre Drummond, a center for the Detroit Pistons. Of the 115 times he’s gone to the line during the 2012/2013 season, he’s managed to score only 42 baskets.

Drummond is six feet and ten inches tall, shooting at a hoop ten feet in the air and fifteen feet from him. The toddler equivalent to this would be the little guy in the video above shooting at a hoop three feet in the air that’s less than five feet away. So, with time expired, and your team down by a point, with two free throws having been magically awarded, would you rather let the game ride on the Pistons center or a small child shooting ¬†on a proportionally suitable hoop from an adjusted distance?

I’d say let it ride on cutey patutey.

H/T: The Big Lead.

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  1. This kid is a prodigy! It boggles my mind that opposing teams don’t hack-a-drummond every time he’s on the floor. It would lead to a much lower PPP than Detroit would average running their offence. Also, your title has Andrew as opposed to Andre.

  2. fuck eh. That kid is gonna make some kind of pro basketball league, most likely the Harlem globetrotters. And hell maybe Andre Drummond could use some tips, that kid made a shot through a gauntlet, while Andre is just shooting standard free throws.

  3. haha thats amazing. I don’t care how many ‘shoots’ it took to get the videos, this kids clearly got great ball throwing skills :)

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