nypostThe cover of this morning’s New York Post, that bastion of good journalism, screams “Blade Slays Blonde,” with accompanying photographs of a bikini-clad murder victim and a legless murder suspect. “Legless Olympian arrested” the headline further explains.

Continuing in the newspaper’s tradition of carrying the utmost respect for the sanctity of human life is the New York Daily News, which went with the more subtle headline of “Blade Gunner.”


After looking at the covers of the respective newspapers, I’d ask you to close your eyes, and imagine the hell storm of jagged ice spears and fire bolts of lightning that would rain down upon an online content provider that exhibited a similar lack of respect for the killing of a woman, who was allegedly the victim of domestic violence prior to her untimely death.

Certainly, there’s an element of humor to this grandiose showing of irreverence and acceptance of salaciousness. It’s funny that these two¬†publications¬†would choose to be so inappropriate. However, it’s a grotesque sort of humor that causes laughter in those desperate not to think about the motivation behind publishing such impudence and the impious individuals who would purposely purchase such filth, further strengthening the urge to cater to the drives of the lowest common denominator.

For background on Thursday’s shooting death of Reeva Steenkamp, please see yesterday’s post.