Seattle Seahawks All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman appeared on ESPN’s Under The Bridge Thursday morning to speak with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. It’s all a little bit too reminiscent of Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog clocking in and out of work, but despite the staging of what’s becoming an increasingly fictionalized program, it’s still amusing to see the most enraging heel get body slammed from time to time.

Most of the attention has been focused on this quote from Sherman:

Whenever you refer to me, whenever you speak to me, whenever you address me, address me as All-Pro Stanford graduate beacuse those are some accomplishments you will aspire to but never accomplish. You have never accomplished anything. In my 24 years of life, I’m better at life than you.

However, my personal favorite part of the “interview” with Sherman was this:

You couldn’t argue valid points to prove that [Darrell Revis is a better cornerback than Richard Sherman]. You couldn’t argue anything. You could only say it. It’s an opinion. And that’s why your opinion is discredited because there are no facts behind it. There are facts behind everything I say. There are facts to support the things that I say. Explain to me your facts.

Of course, it’s all a guilty pleasure considering that the genius of Skip Bayless is that his persona is designed in a fashion that makes him the victor even in defeat. Ratings for his program had a 21% year-over-year increase among all viewers in 2012, and was up 32% year-over-year in the coveted male 18-34 demographic. In February, an additional half-hour of the two-hour morning “debate” show was added to ESPN’s afternoon programming.

I suppose it could be worse: