BH6fCgFCQAERWMBTwo explosions were detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon leaving three dead (including an eight-year-old boy) and as many as 140 injured. According to some reports, one of the dead is a child. Graphic images of blood stained sidewalks began circulating on social media shortly after the violent eruptions.

The two successive explosions occurred two hours after the main competitors had completed the circuit, but while 10,000 were still on the course, including several runners just approaching the finish.

Almost immediately, authorities moved to evacuate the finish line area, including local buildings, while pushing competitors backwards on the course and onto adjacent streets. Shortly after this, reports began to emerge of secondary devices being found nearby that did not explode.

Here is disturbing footage of the first blast, and the reaction to the immediate aftermath:

The New York Times has created this graphic to exhibit where the two initial explosions occurred:


A third explosion occurred at JFK library, without any injuries. The authorities are treating the third blast as though it was related to the first two. However, other reports suggested that it was the result of a fire in the mechanical room at the library.

According to Kylie Atwood of CBS News the police detonated another explosion in a controlled environment on Boylston Street. Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported that two more explosive devices were found nearby, and were dismantled by the authorities. According to the Boston Globe, one of these devices was found on the glass footbridge over Huntington Avenue near Copley Place.

NBC News is reporting that a small, homemade bomb was the preliminary cause of the first explosion.

This image of Boston police in action made the rounds on social media:


During his press conference, Ed Davis, the commissioner of the Boston Police Department, was asked whether or not this was an act of terrorism. He replied: “You can reach your own conclusions based on what’s happened.”

Top image courtesy of Boston To A T.