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No one in the NBA – with at least 50 free throws this season – has a worse free throw percentage than Andre Drummond, a center for the Detroit Pistons. Of the 115 times he’s gone to the line during the 2012/2013 season, he’s managed to score only 42 baskets.

Drummond is six feet and ten inches tall, shooting at a hoop ten feet in the air and fifteen feet from him. The toddler equivalent to this would be the little guy in the video above shooting at a hoop three feet in the air that’s less than five feet away. So, with time expired, and your team down by a point, with two free throws having been magically awarded, would you rather let the game ride on the Pistons center or a small child shooting ¬†on a proportionally suitable hoop from an adjusted distance?

I’d say let it ride on cutey patutey.

H/T: The Big Lead.