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I am six feet and four inches tall, with a non-existant center of gravity. This renders me incapable of doing anything related to skateboarding other than admire the accomplishments of others. In the above video, we see Decio Lourenco, 24, of Cape Town, South Africa, reaching speeds in excess of 60 kilometers per hour, travelling down Kloof Nek Road on his longboard.

How do we know that he reaches such high speeds? Because at around the 1:06 mark of the video, Lourenco sets off a camera designed to collect evidence for inflicting fines on speeding motorists and discourage those who might exceed the limits in place. A second after the device detects his velocity, we see him raise his arms in jubilation. However, the thrill of excessive velocity was short-lived, as the city’s safety and security department announced their plan to prosecute the graphic design student for reckless and negligent road behaviour.

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