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On September 29th, during a varsity football game in West Texas between Lamesa High School and Greenwood High School, one player verbally abused another player with a slew of racial slurs. In response to the disgraceful name-calling, 16-year-old Lamesa High student O’Sean Williams struck the offending Greenwood player. Both student-athletes were subsequently ejected from the game.

Sadly, racist slurs and taunting are common occurrences at every level of competition, on any continent in the world. On January 3rd, AC Milan midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng responded to racist chants from the crowd at a friendly match against Lega Pro 2 side Pro Patria (who play in the fourth highest professional division in Italy) by kicking a ball into the stands and vacating the field with his teammates.

Following the walk-out, AC Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri said that he would do the same thing again if one of his players was racially abused, regardless if it was during a friendly or an official Serie A match. The club’s director, Umberto Gandini, concurred, applauding his team’s actions via Twitter.

Very proud of the Milan players who decided to walk off the pitch today for racist abuse from a few idiots! No racism, no stupidity!

Unfortunately, Williams had no such support from the coaching staff or administration at Lamesa High. In fact, three days after his ejection from the game, a teacher at his school who also works as the team’s athletic trainer published a blog post on My Big Campus, a site that offers schools something similar to a corporate intranet, disparaging the student for reacting to a spiteful pejorative in such a violent manner.

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