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946869-15598324-640-360On Tuesday, at a pre-qualifier for the Women’s Australian Open, Daniela Holmqvist, drove her tee shot on the fourth hole of the Royal Canberra Golf Club into the rough. After punching out on her next stroke, she felt a severe pain in her ankle. It was then that a black spider was spotted, later identified as a Black Widow. Seconds after that, the LPGA golfer found herself on the ground in pain.

After being informed of how powerful the spider’s venom can be, the Swedish-born, University of California graduate, didn’t waste any time with her suddenly swelling leg. According to Golf Digest:

She pulled a tee out of her pocket (“it was the only thing I had handy,” she told Svensk Golf) and used it to cut open the wound so she could squeeze out the venom and keep it from spreading inside her body.

Ho hum. Just a regular day at the office. With paramedics in tow, Holmqvist proceeded to finish out her round following the on-course self-surgery, shooting a 74. Unfortunately, the superhuman tally (given the circumstances) was four shots shy of qualifying for the Major, perhaps the only bite more stinging than that of the spider’s.

She may have missed out on the Australian Open, but I do see a rather delicious endorsement opportunity in the rookie golfer’s near future.

A mulligan whenever he wants to Shane Bacon of the Yahoo! Sports golf blog Devil Ball.