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nebraskacancerkidSpending all day – every day – immersed in sports is a bit like working at Pizza Hut and eating nothing but pizza. If one is unburdened by such matters as personal health and waistline size, pizza is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, too much of a wonderful thing is likely to leave one no longer believing the wonderful thing to be all that wonderful.

Sports are really, really great. However, the more time you spend reading and writing about a topic, the greater the chance that its ugliness will be realized. This is why our focus often becomes embittered by all of the negative aspects present in sports. We forget why sports are so great to begin with. And so, that’s where The Sports Culture Happiness Index comes to play.

Every week, I’ll present the ten things that are making me happy from the world of sports. It might be a particular article, it could be a winning streak, it may even be an animated GIF. No matter what, it’s from sports, it made me feel good inside, and I hope it does the same for you.

Without further ado, sports the good:

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As sports fans, we spend inordinate amounts of time on something that doesn’t really matter that much at all. In order to justify this we could suggest that sports offer a positive outlet for emotions that would otherwise be used in a negative fashion, or that sports can be a healthy distraction from the sometimes overwhelming plight of the lives we lead. We might even imagine that the triumphs we witness on the field, court and rink inspire us in our own lives to achieve more than we would without sports.

Personally, my favorite moments in sports are those in which the outcomes cause moments of sheer joy in the participants and spectators, no matter how arbitrary the context of whatever led to the instance of happiness might be. This, to me, is the best representation of why we carry on in our existence. The pleasure we derive from those otherwise meaningless moments makes it worth it.

Occasionally, sports can be the vehicle that transports that pleasure into the being of someone for whom the circumstances of life have caused pain, and are set to limit the amount of pleasure they’ll gain from their existence. It’s this concentrated moment of joy that makes sports, and even its more negative aspects, worth it.

The video above is of Jack Hoffman, a 7-year-old brain cancer patient from Atkinson, Nebraska, running 69 yards for the final touchdown of the University of Nebraska’s spring scrimmage. After being diagnosed with cancer in April of 2011 and undergoing two surgeries, Hoffman is now on a two-week break from a 60-week chemotherapy regimen. According to ESPN, the Cornhuskers star running back Rex Burkhead befriended Hoffman last year and is the captain of the little boy’s support network known as “Team Jack.”

Yes, it is currently very dusty wherever you are right now.