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Tired of the same old cleavage shots? Need something new to get you all pumped up about breasts again? Boob fans everywhere need not fear, underboobs are here!

… and so begins the most objectifying piece of filth in the long, sad history of Bleacher Report’s misogynistic slide shows.

The content is awful,  but the inherent message behind the opening paragraphs of this collection of  exploitative photographs is accurate. The more we immerse ourselves in something, the more likely we are to be desensitized to it, thus enhancing our desire for more extreme stimuli. In psychology, this is referred to as inurement.

In sports, we find evidence of the phenomenon, not in ogling the female ventral regions that house mammary glands, but in how we define an amazing play. This definition is incredibly subjective, and largely based on the number of exceptional moments in sports that an individual has witnessed.

To someone watching American football for the first time, a routine tackle or catch can seem marvelous. However, to a spectator who sees multiple basketball games a day, only the most stupendous of Blake Griffin dunks (probably from his rookie year) are likely to cause arousal. To me – someone who watches a lot of baseball games, but few cricket matches – the stunning boundary catch made by West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard in the video above is incredibly impressive.

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