The NHL All-Star Game that was supposed to go down this Sunday is no longer going down this Sunday because of the lockout. It’s unfortunate, as the NHL usually has one of the better all-star games out of the 3 major sports in North America. I didn’t include the Pro Bowl in that conversation because it’s become an embarrassment.

Resident hockey writer Justin Bourne and myself were trying to figure out how to come up with some sort of all-star game. Sure, I could just simulate a game, but where’s the fun in that? So it’s up to you to decide who starts for each team. JB came up with a list of players, and all you have to do is vote on who you want to start. Pick your 3 best forwards, 2 defensemen, and 1 goalie on each side, and on Monday we’ll tally up the votes, set up the rosters on NHL 13, then sim the game.

Vote early and vote often. We will now have an all-star game, my friends.

Comments (24)

  1. Joe Thornton? Logan Couture?

  2. No Temmu?

    I’m disappointed in Bourne :( .

    • Lotta people were bummed about no Teemu. One of my bigger regrets about the list! Kovy too.

      • because youre a dumbass, teemu should always be there. living legend. what about viktor fasth too? your list is based off last year which makes it irrelevent.

  3. Really guys?

    Victor Hedman + two NYR but no Phaneuf?

  4. What about Kadri, Phaneuf or Scrivens?

  5. Or how about Tarasenko?

  6. we need more habs fans stuffing the ballot box on this for a good ol’ laugher

  7. I agree to write in Teemu. Old man, great start and everything.

  8. Effin Leafs fans, can’t be objective for one second. Learn hockey, idiots.

  9. Write in candidates allowed?

  10. There is Travis Zajac on this list but no Ilya Kovalchuk? I think you’ve got the wrong Devil…..

  11. Where’s Markov?

  12. We all love the all star game of hockey to see all the different jersey

  13. Tarasenko? Anderson for the goalies?

  14. Are we able to watch this all star game

  15. Cool results to this post. Way to keep on top of things..

  16. Guys, I guess you haven’t watched any Blackhawks games this season…

  17. why is there no bergeron???

  18. I’ve heard the Blackhawks have a couple decent goalies…especially that Crawford guy who is #2 in save %, #2 in GAA and tied for #1 in wins.

  19. Wheres tim thomas

  20. wheres Tim Thomas?

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