Last week we told you about the social campaign that Sony launched for Canadians to vote on which Jose Bautista cover they wanted for the upcoming MLB 13: The Show. The rules were simple: head over to PlayStation Canada’s Facebook page and “Like” whichever cover you thought was the best. There were three options to vote for: Canada Day red, the home whites, or the away greys.

The country voted, and the red Canada Day jersey will don this year’s cover. Here are the final numbers:

MLB 13: The Show drops on March 5th.

Comments (8)

  1. Ewwwww……..

    Long enough now?

  2. I figured the red would be a lock for voters. I don’t see any grey in the Canadian flag… and home white is boring

  3. He should be wearing blue!

    Red looks awful

  4. This jersey better be in the game.

  5. Red looks awesome CANADIAN colors BOI!!!!!!!!

  6. Oddly enough, they mucked up his batting stance in-game.

  7. Thought the jerseys said Canada instead of the player names…

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