FIFA is a huge deal here at theScore. I don’t think I’ve seen any other disc inside our company PlayStation, and have seen tournaments go late into the night. If you read our blogs often, you’ll know of our betting man Rob Pizzola. This is currently Rob’s desktop, chronicling an onslaught of goals from NY Red Bulls striker Thierry Henry against Real Madrid:

Over the weekend, I came across this video from Guinness World Records, with YouTuber KSIOlajidebt attempting to break the record for margin of victory in a match of FIFA on the XBOX 360 (110 goals). For some reason he could choose his own settings, so he went to 20 minute halves, amateur difficulty (the easiest), and played as Arsenal. His opponent: Tottenham Hotspur. Here’s how it went down:

I’m not sure if anyone in our office can beat this record, but if so, we are definitely going to record it, and post it up on here.