Earlier this week I wrote about a guy who set a Guinness World Record by scoring 190 goals in FIFA 13. While I’m not a big FIFA guy, I figured that somebody in our office here at theScore could come close, or even beat the new world record. I wrote about my co-worker Rob Pizzola, who is a huge FIFA guy, and the best in the office. After some conversation, he has decided to attempt to break the record.

I reached out to Guinness World Records yesterday morning, and asked them what we have to do to be considered the new world record holders. They responded back with a link to their site, where users all over the world are trying to break the 190 record. If you thought 190 was ridiculous, the current record is now 251 goals, set by a gamer by the name of Jaime Cruz.

I have faith in Rob, so we’re not discouraged for Friday’s world record attempt. I tried my hand at the record two nights ago, and I scored 203 goals using Barcelona:


I would also like the pass along the challenge to you, our Franchise Mode family. Play a game of FIFA 13 sometime within the next 48 hours and let us know how many goals you can score in one game. Here are the guidelines that we’re following, as stated by Guinness:

  • You must make your attempt on an unmodified Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 console using unmodified controllers.
  • The player may select any team to control. The player may also select any opponent to play against.
  • This record is for a single player; co-operative play or substituting of participants is not permitted.
  • This record is considered an “open” achievement and thus the following game settings apply:
    • Difficulty: Any
    • Game end type: Time
    • Game duration: Any
    • Head Start: None
      All other settings are at the player’s discretion
  • Your video must show the following:
    • The attempt in its entirety, including the correct settings being displayed before the attempt begins
    • The game disc and box.
    • The display, console and controller used.
  • You may use a direct capture of your screen as evidence for your attempt. If you do, your video must also include the required evidence of the console set-up you are using, via picture-in-picture video or similar.

Also be sure to follow us on Twitter at @Franchise_Mode, as we’ll be providing updates throughout Rob’s quest for 250+. Note: Attempting this record is incredibly boring to do, so if you have a spare hour and fifteen minutes, by all means.