The MLB 13: The Show team released this video today, highlighting the new features of their franchise mode. Here are the highlights:

  • If you have consecutive winning seasons, you receive more money on better players and scouting
  • The depth chart has been made to be simpler, so sending down or bringing up players from the minors is much easier
  • The new “acquisitions panel” allows you to see ALL trades and signings happening in the league
  • A new ticker has been added at the bottom of your screen with updates on the going-ons in around the league
  • In previous versions of The Show, you could train your players to be better – by position only. Now you’re able to focus on individual players through training.
  • Player progression has become varied. Players hit their primes earlier in age, and older players decrease in skill more realistically

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  1. the game is going to be sick cant wait, im still playing MLB 10 yes I am lol , I am in season 2026! lol

    • Excited for it as well man. Really impressed with 12, so hopefully 13 is just as good. One thing that bugs me though, why can’t you have the same team play against each other? I wanna see starters vs. the bench.

  2. Wow. I’m glad they added to franchise. I hope they do the same kind of overhaul to RTTS next year. I would love to see a more accurate representation to call ups, decisions, and sponsors as a super star, maybe ESPN weekly shows or news about a huge/record game (kinda like NCAA did but a lot better. I love the extra stuff in games. The game play is pretty good and I just want to see that amount of detail to RTTS and I don’t remember this being a part of it…. but at any point of time you can transfer your player to a existing or new franchise.

  3. Does this apply to online? is there online franchise or single season leagues this year again -.-

  4. they need to add some sort of story to it, with consequences for your actions. like the 2k career modes

  5. The game looks great, but they need one major addition. PLEASE SONY or whoever is in charge of this make it where you can take a franchise from Mlb 12 and transfer it to Mlb 13. I can’t stand having to start up new franchises when i get so deep into a really good one, and plus wouldn’t it make more business since considering there’s probably people not buying the newer shows because they don’t want to give up their franchise. Just a thought

  6. RTTS needs to overhaul the goals achieved big time. In RTTS I was leading the team in batting RBI HR….. and falling one walk shy of reaching all goals and was benched. While on the becnch I continued to not achieve goals and remained on the bench for a large portion of the season. Very frustrating and unrealistic… Please fix.

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