With the NFL season coming to a close, Madden 13 will be releasing one final roster update for the 2012/13 season this weekend. There aren’t many updates outside of the Ravens and the 49ers, but we can confirm that Titus Young has been released from the Detroit Lions in the update.

Here are the notable changes between the 49ers and the Ravens after the Super Bowl:

  • Ray Lewis, LB (BAL): -1 (90)
  • Ray Rice, RB (BAL): -1 (94)
  • Joe Flacco, QB (BAL): +2 (93)
  • Jacoby Jones, WR (BAL): +3 (81)
  • Michael Oher, OL (BAL): -1 (81)
  • Randy Moss, WR (SF): -1 (81)
  • Colin Kaepernick, QB (SF): +1 (89)
  • Michael Crabtree, WR (SF): +1 (90)
  • Vernon Davis, TE (SF): +1 (92)

Look out for the update this weekend. Here’s the full list of changes from Madden.