If you followed our blog last week, you’ll know all about this post. If not, a brief recap: last week I posted a video of a guy scoring 190 goals in a FIFA 13 game, setting a world record. Since that video, many people have tried to beat the record. At the time of filming on Friday, the new record was 251 goals.

FIFA is a big deal in our office here at theScore. Our best player Rob attempted to beat the record. It took just under two hours to attempt it (you can see the full video here), but here’s a recap of how it went down last week Friday:

We submitted the record to Guinness World Records over the weekend, and are currently awaiting verification. We’re at the top of the leaderboard though, so all is looking well:


Congrats to Rob. Think you can beat this record? Give it a shot, and let us know how you do.