In an effort to provide a little more variety to its Road to the Show game mode, MLB 13 The Show will introduce seven new minor league parks. The stadium pictured above is Stateman Park and it runs 336-feet down the lines and 390-feet to centerfield.


The second park previewed, pictured above, is Bayfront Park. Via the game’s dev. journal:

“The background idea for Bayfront Park comes from viewing the Santa Monica Pier, which features a Ferris Wheel displaying a fantastic light show as it rotates around. Kevin decided to incorporate the west coast look of the Santa Monica Pier, blended with a Coney Island style for the unique background you see beyond the right field wall.”

Bayfront Park runs 330-feet down the left and right field lines, 390-feet to left and right center, and 403-feet to center field. By our count, the addition of seven new minor league parks raises the total to 26.

Via MLB The Show Nation

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  1. Wonder what it would cost for them to get license for the 30 real parks?

    • There are more than 30 parks in the MiLB. Try closer to 150.

      Also 7 new parks, so MVP 05, which came out on the PS2, still has more minor league parks than MLB 13.

  2. I wish they would actually do some of the real MiLB parks, instead of fake ones. I do enjoy seeing some parts of the MiLB stadiums put into their fake ones, but still, playing in a real MiLB stadium would be too sweet.

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