Remember at the start of the new year when 2K Sports announced that they’d be coming out with MLB 2K13 to everybody’s surprise? MLB 2K12 was nothing to write home about and it was assumed that it was going to be the last MLB game of the franchise. That January announcement was something that nobody expected, and I think it’s safe to say that nobody is expecting much from this year’s iteration. If you’re not convinced yet, here are 5 reasons why you should stray from picking this game up.

1. Rush job
They announced the game in early January of a release date of March 5th. That’s 8 weeks.

2. No new features
The list that 2K Sports put out when they announced 2K13 looked oddly familiar. Maybe because it was a list of features from MLB 2K12. My Player, MLB Today, Dynamic Tendencies, Franchise Mode, Home Run Derby… all from last year.

3. No news whatsoever
Sure, throwing a no-no for some cash is a creative concept, but other than the Perfect Game Challenge, not much else has been divulged about the game. Even going to their official site, this is the only info they have:

A screen shot. No news, no videos. Just a screenshot.

4. They’re not showing the game to anyone.2k13mlbnbacover It’s customary for game publishers to send out early copies of games for review. Based on conversations with other game sites this morning, no copies have been sent out. We’re two weeks before the release date.

5. They’re riding the coattails NBA 2K13
This morning, they announced that they’ll be packaging the game alongside their more successful franchise, NBA 2K13, for a price of $79.99 (game cover seen on the right).

Are there any alternatives? If you’re on the XBOX, you could just look for a cheap copy of MLB 2K12, and update the rosters. Other than that, there are unfortunately no other options. PlayStation 3 users can pick up MLB 13: The Show, the superior game.