EA Sports and ACLU of Southern California teamed up for charity, auctioning off a playable character in Madden 15, coming out in the summer of 2014. The auction ended today at $11,500.

From Charity Buzz: What better way to play Madden NFL than as yourself?! Be the envy of your friends when you become a character in Madden NFL 15! You will be in the next release of this incredibly popular video game. As the winning bidder, you will submit your name, height, weight, age, skin tone, hair color/length, accessories (visors/wristbands) and college.  (Valid for 1 person. Photos are not allowed. EA Sports has the sole discretion to reject submitted names & information that might be offensive or otherwise deemed inappropriate. Winner must be flexible in working with EA Sports. Winner is subject to a security screening. Based on scheduling.)

Or just, you know, load up the game and create your player… for free.