Today is leak day in the MLB 13: The Show world. Earlier today we showed you how the Jays are ranked, now here’s the game’s soundtrack. Once again, Sony has mixed up the playlist with songs from all genres:

  • A Good Fight - Rips Like a Motor
  • Anberlin - Someone Anyone
  • Big BoiMama Told Me (feat. Kelly Rowland)
  • Blink 182 - Heart’s All Gone
  • Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle
  • Dispatch - Not Messin’
  • Fenix TX - Spooky Action at a Distance
  • Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
  • Soundgarden - Non-State Actor
  • The Mowgli’s - Slowly, Slowly
  • The Rolling Stones - Doom and Gloom
  • The Royal ConceptWorld on Fire
  • Youngblood Hawke - Rootless
  • ZZ Top - I Gotsta Get Paid

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  1. too bad they’re all terrible

  2. Dreadful for the most part, even more so than previous MLB The Show soundtracks. (The distorted guitar/bass/drums/poor vocals alternative format is so 90′s and banal now)

    Thankfully the game allows you to delete and replace the original list.

  3. Not so bad, three of these were used in some of my custom soundtracks last summer for 12!! :o

    Shuffle, Radioactive, and Heart’s on Fire… I have heard of almost all the bands, minus a few. Can’t say I would have picked all of these, but the budgets for sports games don’t exactly set a lot aside for soundtracks… especially when most people (including myself) just make custom playlists each week. Or better yet, just listen to Sirius/XM. That’s how I heard of most of these bands anyway, b-182, BBC, anberlin, soundgarden, youngblood hawke, and Imagine Dragons have all been pretty frequent on Alt Nation in the past year or so.

  4. Why is the song from the trailer not in this!!!!

  5. Should be a pretty good soundtrack anberlin song is really catchy and blink 182, imagine dragons, Soundgarden and the rolling stones are pretty good as well

  6. I think it is pretty good. I love Blink-182 and Imagine Dragons. The Rolling Stones and Youngblood Hawke are also pretty good, along with a few others. It could be better, not this isn’t bad.

  7. Its not like anyone listens to their music. Just upload your own music, dont trip

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