MLB 13: The Show leak week continues as today we bring you some classic stadiums. Sony has included 10 old school stadiums to play in, and the best news is that they’re all free. Here are the 10 stadiums you get, followed by some screens of each one:

  1. Crosley Field (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  2. Forbes Field (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
  3. Griffith Stadium (Washington, D.C. )
  4. Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  5. Polo Grounds (Upper Manhattan, New York)
  6. Shea Stadium (Queens, New York)
  7. Shibe Park (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  8. Sportsman’s Park (St. Louis, Missouri)
  9. Sun Life Stadium (Miami Gardens, Florida)
  10. Yankee Stadium (South Bronx, New York)

Once again, shoutout to Chris Johnson, who’s been dropping these pics on the daily.











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  1. Why are marlins + twins on here?

    • They’re only “classic” in the sense that they were in previous installments of The Show and the devs kept the digital models around to use for a rainy day.

  2. Twins Humphrey metrodome has been classic stadium since 2010. All of these screens have been tooken from either my twitter page or which I have supplied ALL info for so far. My twitter page is if you want to see daily new images. Will be posting some Blue Jays later this afternoon.

  3. Will these stadiums be on the vita version?

  4. Where’s mo fuckin’ exhibition stadium? or the big o?


    • Yeah! WTF? Would love to see a pic of the football uprights just beyond the centre-right wall. Plus your shortstop could get injured on the shitty astroturf.


  6. I think in a recent dev blog it was mentioned the difficulty of securing the rights to other ‘classic’ stadiums and that they may not include any more classic stadiums for a while.

    Still, I’d love to see Montreal’s Olympic Stadium and Parc Jarry, and Toronto’s Exhibition Stadium find their way into the series in the not-too-distant future. As a little joke, I’d love it if with Olympic Stadium you had the option of opening/closing the roof (along with an animation), it would be funny considering how utterly useless the thing was in real life.

  7. No Tiger Stadium??!

  8. For Christ’s sake already, can you put Veterans Stadium (Philadelphia) in the game???? Who cares about Shibe park. Its been in every version of the show. Its boring. Add something new, Sony!

  9. Can you use the classic stadiums in Franchise or just in exhibitions?

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