We haven’t gotten our copy of MLB 13: The Show yet (fingers crossed tomorrow), but our new friend Chris Johnson has been supplying us with screenshots of the Jays at home. My favorite is the Bautista home jersey stance, but take a look at your 2013 Toronto Blue Jays at home.














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  1. Those first two don’t look like Jose at all.

  2. wow the 500 level is cartoonishly steep, and i wonder if they’ll add an update to fix windows.

  3. Thank god I dont have to look at Adrian Gonzalez’s stupid boring face everytime I play…

  4. Graphic’s look amazing and the colour WOW. Is it too complicated for a near 40 guy? Very familiar with the 90′s era games. Ea Sports its in the Game! So wanting to get a newer system cause they look way better with better game modes for sports. #GoJaysGo #NewBeastsInTheEAST. Your the Best in the Sports gaming outta all the Franchice’s

    • most sports games have a classic or basic button layout. like recent nhl games have had the 94 button layout but I’m not sure of what the show offers. its not that complicated anyway though.

    • Very customisable you can make things as easy as you want with the sliders and different control options.

    • This isn’t an EA game, as the last MLB-licensed title they produced was in 2005. It’s produced by SCE (Sony), and thus, is only available for the Playstation.

  5. Yawn… the Show hasn’t grown w/respect to the eye candy for a couple of years. I bet dollars to donuts the announcers are still painfully annoying after a few hours of gameplay.

    Buddy above: Give it a try. I really was wowed for a while of not doing sports games since the 90s but the Show is far from a must have title. The Road to the Show mode was fun but it lasted one or two characters.

    Wake me on opening day.

    • Don’t listen to this guy. The Show has won sports game of the year, 4 years running. Not bad for a game that’s only available on Sony products. This is the only game that I have to have before release date. I drive 3+ hours each year round trip to get it early. Should have my copy today or tomorrow.

      • Eh I think you’re both right. The Show hasn’t really progressed graphically for a couple years but that’s because they can only do so much with the PS3 memory.

        Doesn’t change the fact that its an incredible game though; and the upgrades to franchise mode should only make it better. Only one more day until the yearly trek to Mississauga lol

        • Jack, we may have the same source, lol.

          Graphically, not much more to be done, but RTTS looks awesome, franchise got some new features as well. I am pumped!

  6. is it just me or do baseball game graphics seem to be getting worse and worse?

  7. Meh. No Level Of Excellence, really half-assed the Gillick and Alomar banners, and when was the last time you ever saw the Jays logo on a red background, aside from July 1?

    Please come back, EA Sports.

  8. It shouldn’t have beat NBA2K. Im a far bigger baseball fan but NBA2K is better. Flat out

  9. Problems w The Show 12
    Infielders go way to far into the outfield for pop ups.
    Going 1st to 3rd on a single is nearly impossible
    I’ve drilled a pitcher w a million comebackers (Brandon Marthy style as well) and he stays in the game
    Dickey tops out at 71 and cant hit the strikezone
    You cant adjust a players potential
    Minor leaguers ratings are retarted
    At high difficulty levels pitching dominates
    Announcers are horrid
    Infield throws aren’t realistic
    Not enough gap shots or wall balls
    Playing online is torturous
    Umpires get check swings wrong all the time, even when it’s not even close
    CPU hitters are way to disciplined

    SHALL I GO ON???
    I’d still give it an 8 out of 10
    NBA2K 9 out of 10, maybe 9.5

  10. Everyone has a twin in the stands?

    Look behind RA Dickey to the right … same dude in the stands !

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