As we reported a few weeks ago, this year’s Madden will be named Madden 25 instead of Madden 14. The only other info we got at the time was that there would be a bracket-style tournament to decide who would be on the cover of the game.

The bracket will be announced next week Monday (March 11th), and will be broken down into two sections: Old-School (retired players) and New-School (current players). To hype up the announcement, EA Sports introduced a special Twitter-exclusive play-in round to determine the final spot in the old-school bracket.

This round pits Hall of Fame wide receivers Jerry Rice and Cris Carter against each other to determine who’ll be named as the final tournament entrant. Fans can vote for either one by tweeting at ESPN’s SportsNation account using the hashtags #Madden25Rice or #Madden25Carter. I think it’s safe to say that Jerry Rice will win this round, but we’ll see how it pans out next weel.