With both MLB 13: The Show and MLB 2K13 dropping tomorrow morning, we decided to take a look at how each game looks. Last week we showed you some The Show screenshots of the 2013 Jays, so we used those shots as a basis for comparison. Here are some side-by-sides, comparing the two games. Hopefully this will make your decision clearer on which game you should pick up tomorrow.








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  1. Poor Xbox owners.

  2. 2k13 didn’t upgrade the character models from 2k12 at all…

  3. Although the show is WAY better in the graphics department, one thing that 2K13 appears to have better is the colour of the dirt and grass at the RC.. looks a little too grey in the show. Small difference, but just thought id point it out

  4. This is like comparing the Blue Jays with their AAA affiliate. It’s incredible how much better The Show looks than 2k13.

  5. LOL wtf happened to Jose Reyes….

    actually 2k13 gets the hat logos right.. . i never liked how the hats looked in the show.

  6. It would be interesting to see the same exercise done with just The Show from previous years

  7. How much better would this game be on PC, where developers can actually take advantage of actual graphics processing?

    • They wouldn’t, its made by Sony, they’ll lost money if they release it on PCS, as most pc games go less then their Console Counter Part

  8. Time for me to get the SHOW :)

  9. Show looks better but ill go with 2k because its more fun to play. I dont need my game to look exactly like real life. I have the tv broadcasts for that .

  10. 2k I think is more fun tan the show and the feel of how 2k has made there last games made me pick 2k ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾

  11. The game play is better on 2k plus the commentary . Real talk

  12. Do you guys think the graphics make a game? Ok, the show looks outstanding comparing to 2k13, I think take two should do more on that, but for me what it counts is gameplay and the show have never played better than 2k.

  13. MLB the shown is better then MLB 2k13 by a long shot

  14. I guess Bautista got “handcuffed”.reply if you get it.

  15. I have both games. I’ve played several seasons on both.
    There is no disputing, The Show looks So much better than 2k. The Show is a little
    more of a simulation, than 2K, but if you adjust 2k’s sliders, you’ll find 2k can kick your butt as well.
    I don’t have freeze problems with 2K, but there is some Really lazy programming. For instance, after scoring a run, your player will sometimes twirl like a ballerina on a music box, before heading back to the dug out. Players don’t look like their counter parts, and stances lack realism of the actual player.
    Now the kicker. I like playing 2K Much better.

    I don’t give a cr@p if the players look the same, uniforms flap in the breeze, and I even don’t mind the occasional, “Ballerina,” move at home plate. The bottom line for me is Fun.

    After a long days work, I want to sit with a drink, and play a game that makes me smile, and just have fun. I don’t actually want to learn how to hit a Major League Curveball, or develope an eye like Wade Boggs had. I want to sit back, relax, and play.

    Don’t get me wrong; 2K is plenty hard, but the controls are easier, Especially in baserunning. I don’t have to point at the runner, than point to the base I want him to go to, like in The Show. I simply hit L2, and off he goes to his base. Simple.

    Now if I’m in the mood to get serious with some buddies, or play online, The Show comes out. When I want to play a baseball game that is a blast to play, without stressing me out, 2K is the choice.

    Only one person’s opinion, and I KNOW I’m in the minority here, but it’s my opinion.


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