Last week we got a copy of MLB 13: The Show from Sony, and we’ve been on it non-stop. With the game now on shelves, here is our official review for the game:

It can get pretty lonely at the top. When you’ve been on top of the mountain for too long, it can be easy to become complacent. This is not the case for the king of console baseball gaming. MLB 13: The Show has taken everything its fans have come to love about the franchise and expanded upon it with new gameplay features, presentation tweaks, and an attention to detail that’s been unrivalled since modders started tricking out the PC version of MVP Baseball 2005. This year’s instalment of MLB: The Show is glorious in just about every facet of its existence.

First and foremost, MLB 13: The Show simply looks amazing. The series has consistently produced a highly polished product, but the implementation of the new TruBroadcast Presentation 2.0 has given The Show a sense of realism that’s rarely approached in the realm of sports gaming. Whether it’s a glimpse at any one of the new cut scenes or just the highly detailed player models, MLB 13 offers the most realistic and immersive simulation experience yet. In total, MLB 13 features upwards of 1500 new animation sequences between its regular in-game mode and Road to the Show mode. No longer will Opening Day, the All-Star Game, and the postseason come off feeling like a regular season game in mid-July.

Both Road to the Show and Franchise mode have undergone an overhaul of sorts. The former has scaled back the in-game commentary, limiting it to before and after significant achievements, opting to let the natural sounds of the game take over while the user’s player is at-bat or in the field. RTTS also features new streamlined controls, which provide users with a more fluid experience. Franchise mode sees numerous tweaks and adjustments to its management component, such as the inclusion of the new CBA “qualifying offer” system and a renewed focus on scouting and player development.

In addition to the new presentations and various changes to the game’s franchise and RTTS modes, MLB 13 also includes a variety of minor changes that all help to enhance the gaming experience and have built upon the greatness established through past years’ efforts. We’ll highlight a few here:

  • Commentary has received a much needed boost in the form of Steve Lyons joining Matt Vasgersian and Eric Karros in the booth.
  • The new button accuracy meter for fielding aims to cut down on errant throws by giving users complete control over arm accuracy and strength.
  • A new “postseason mode” lets gamers jump right into the playoffs without having to take a team through a 162 game schedule.
  • Lastly, “beginner mode” attempts to attract less experienced gamers by offering simplified controls and an auto-adjusting skill level mechanism.

While there is another baseball video game out there, the Show has no competition on the console market. MLB 13: The Show is worth owning a PS3 on its own, and I’m being as genuine as possible. As an Xbox owner who recently picked up a PS3 for this exact purpose, I will commence kicking myself for all the hours I’ve wasted over the past four years by playing a far inferior game.

In Closing: we had our testers rank the game on a scale of 1-to-10 in the areas of graphics, presentation, controls, and replayability. The verdict: 9.2/10

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  1. Just picked up my copy! I’m way too excited about this.

  2. Do not own a console at all for “having a life” reasons but man, a PS3 sounds tempting right about now…

  3. Hey, in Franchise mode, can you shorten the amount of games in a season or shorten the length of a game to 5 or 7 innings? This would make it easier to play an entire season without having to play 162 games or spend an hour playing just one game.


    • The way I’ve always done it, is pitch with the #1 pitcher and then sim the #2-#5 starters’ games. Then sim your #1 starter and pitch the #2 starter’s game this rotation. When you sim the rest of the rotation you only play 1/5 of the games and you can get through the season quickly while still enjoying using all your starters and playing a different opponent every time.

  4. You said it best. I can’t believe how many hours I have spent on xbox playing baseball. I picked up my first PS3 last night and have no regrets. I just about slept in for work this morning from playing so late last night. It truly is like baseball. No longer will i be hitting with a .600 avg and 140 rbi’s in a season. Kind of refreshing.

  5. I have a question?? After trade player, Why the picture profile of player was lost became to 3D picture??

  6. Can u turn the number of games in a season down in franchise mode? How?

  7. i bought a ps 3 christmas of 2011 solely for the purpose of mlb the show 12 that was due to come out that spring. i havent hardly played anything but the show since. 13 is even better. i play ever royals and cardinals game. i havent simmed any of of them. not many games in my opinion nare worth owing a console for but the show is. i dont even play other sports games anymorte because this is the pinnacle of sports games. it does have its flaws though. last night it froze on me in the eighth inning . another thing that bothers me is all line drives that hit the pitcher . i wish they would address that. overall a 9/10 though

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