During today’s Wedbush Technology Conference, EA Sports CFO Blake Jorgensen said that they are considering adding “a couple of new sports franchises” to their sports gaming repertoire.

What are the games that’ll be added? No mention was made as to which ones, but we can investigate. Sony and 2K Sports currently hold the MLB license, but it’s widely rumored that MLB 2K13 will be the final baseball game of the franchise. Because Sony’s The Show franchise is only on the PlayStation, this leaves the XBOX (and PS3) market wide open for EA.

Eutechnyx currently holds the NASCAR license, but their two releases (NASCAR: The Game and NASCAR: Inside Line) have not gotten great reviews, and are not reaching their potential for a racing game.

There was some talk a few years ago about EA Sports developing an MLS game, separate from their successful FIFA franchise, so it could also be that. Whatever the case, we’ll keep you posted.