If you haven’t been annoyed heard by now, EA Sports’ NCAA Football has been running a voting campaign via their social channels to determine the cover athlete of the upcoming NCAA Football 14. What started out as a126-team elimination style tournament is now down to the final round, consisting of Texas A&M (represented by WR Ryan Swope), and the Michigan Wolverines (represented by QB/WR Denard Robinson).

Final round voting began on February 26th and Denard Robinson has held a comfortable lead the entire time, leading 133k to 123k yesterday. Last night however, Swope mysteriously jumped up over 7,000 votes, which is a highly unusual amount, looking at the voting activity. NCAA 14 fans have been posting this link (now cached because of deletion), showing a Texas A&M forum discussing the many ways of altering the votes.

What looked like a comfortable lead is now pretty tight. At the time of writing, Robinson leads Swope 174,476 to 172,746. EA Sports commented on the issue, saying:

We are aware of the voting irregularities around the NCAA Football 14 Cover Vote. We are in touch with the players and schools involved in the final round voting, and in the spirit of integrity and fair play, are in agreement that only votes from legitimate accounts will be counted in the cover vote.

My personal thought: I understand why the cover vote is a big deal. Schools take pride when it comes to competition, but I really couldn’t care less who ends up on there. Just make a decent game, and we’ll be golden.