An NBA 2K13 roster update dropped this morning, and besides the usual roster moves, there’s also the additions of new shoes. NEW SHOES SON! Download the update the get yourself some sweet Jordan XX8’s – for free! Sure beats waiting in line for 37 hours with sneakerheads talking about last night’s Hypebeast article about Odd Future.

Anyways, your players updates are as follows:

  • Andrew Bogut (GSW): Returns from injury (69 OVR)
  • Aaron Brooks (HOU): Added (78 OVR)
  • Caron Butler (LAC): Injured, -6 (75 OVR)
  • Danny Granger (IND): Injured -11 (72 OVR)
  • Marcin Gortat (PHX): Injured -12 (69 OVR)
  • Richard Hamilton (CHI): Injured, -7 (66 OVR)
  • Kirk Hinrich (CHI): Injured, -13 (60 OVR)
  • Kyrie Irving (CLE): Injured, -14 (75 OVR)
  • Jameer Nelson (ORL): Returns from injury (75 OVR)
  • Zaza Pachulia (ATL): Injured, -11 (52 OVR)
  • Tony Parker (SA): Injured, -27 (60 OVR)
  • Sasha Pavlovic (POR): Injured, -13 (44 OVR)
  • Austin Rivers (NWO): Injured -10 (61 OVR)
  • Ramon Sessions (CHA): Injured, -20 (54 OVR)
  • Tornike Shengelia (BK): Returns from injury (56 OVR)
  • Amare Stoudemire (NYK): Injured, -12 (71 OVR)
  • Mo Williams (UTA): Returns from injury (78 OVR)
  • Nick Young (PHI): Injured, -8 (65 OVR)

Players still missing: Aron Baynes (SA), Kent Bazemore (GSW), Diante Garrett (PHX), Mickael Gelabale (MIN), Ben Hansbrough (IND), Chris Johnson (MIN), Kevin Jones (CLE), Kevin Murphy (UTA), Tim Ohlbrecht (HOU), Julyan Stone (DEN), Jarvis Varnado (MIA).

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  2. It must be nike shoes

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