nhl 94 header

The amount of talk that goes on here at theScore offices is incredible. One of the biggest topics that always seems to come up now and again is how good we were at NHL 94 back in the day. Ask anybody how good they were at this game, and I guarantee they’ll boast about their 9 goal comeback win late in the 3rd period, or their overtime win in Hartford. Well now it’s time to actually prove how good you are. Introducing theScore NHL 94 Tournament.

40 people in the office have signed up. A Super Nintendo has been here since last Friday, and I highly doubt it has been turned off since. Here are the rules that we have agreed upon.

  1. Period Length: 5 minutes
  2. Penalties: Off
  3. Line changes: Off
  4. Goalie: Automatic
  5. You can choose any team you want, but you MUST stick with said team throughout the entire tournament
  6. You may only edit your lines before the game starts. Once in-game, no edits
  7. If the game ends in a tie, you’ll go to overtime. If still tied, you go to a shootout.

Here’s the entry list. Some names you’ll recognize, some you won’t, but these are all great people who make up theScore. Over the next 72 hours, there’ll be a ton of trash talking and humble pie served between everybody in the office:


The tournament starts tomorrow, and finishes on Friday afternoon. Follow along with our tournament via our Twitter page, or using the #ScoreNHL94 hashtag on Twitter.