It’s been a day of trash-talk, heartbreak and victory here at theScore. Our EA Sports NHL 94 tournament is well under-way, with the play-in round complete. Here is how your official bracket now looks, with games starting shortly.

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  1. This is exciting! I wish my office would set up something like this! Go Dominator!

  2. Atta boy Drew!


  3. any video of this potentially?

  4. You guys should stream this on twitch, I’d definitely watch it.

  5. My money’s on Drew. “HACK THE BONE, HACK THE BONE”


  7. Lets go Whittall! Go on the counter-attack FTW!

  8. Who’s got LA? Someone make Gretzky’s head bleed for Superfan99 over there.

  9. Rocking as a ringer. Killin’ em softly.

  10. It shows that Drew beat Jamie but Jamie is the one who moved on to the next round. Que?

  11. Gutted.

    Never getting over this.

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