I never thought I’d write a post about fake tweets showing up in a video game, but there’s a first for everything. If you’re a fan of sports and sports apparel, you’ve probably heard of UniWatch (run by Paul Lukas), who usually leaks out first looks at new jerseys, logos, and other apparel exclusives.

EA Sports’ Madden franchise has jumped on, and signed UniWatch to a 2-year deal for their in-game fake Twitter feed, joining the likes of Adam Schefter, Skip Bayless, Alex Flanagan and Mark Schlereth. A higher-up from EA Sports is a big fan of the UniWatch blog and Twitter feed, and contacted him to be a part of the football gaming franchise.

Whether real or fake, social media integration into video games is becoming the thing to do. NBA 2K13 does the same thing, featuring fake tweets from retired and current NBA players, as well as some members of the media. So go create a Twitter account for the most sports-related niche market you can think of, gain a following, then PROFIT.